wooden cutlery

Plastic cutlery is currently a trendy option for everyday eating. However, we have also heard of several cases where plastic cutlery has been discarded because it was scratched or broken. In such cases, wooden cutlery is the most preferred option as it provides an alternative and safe way to prepare food. Here are 11 reasons why we prefer wooden over plastic.

  • Wooden cutlery is durable and lasts longer than plastic cutlery.
  • Wooden cutlery is not prone to becoming scratched or broken, making it a safer option for both children and adults.
  • Unlike plastic, wooden knives do not contain harmful toxins that can leach into food when used to chop or slice food items.
  • Wooden utensils resonate differently than plastic ones; this makes wooden spoons much more pleasant to the hands.
  • Wooden cutlery does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), a plastic chemical that has been shown to interfere with hormones in humans and animals, among other harmful effects, so it is better for your health regardless of whether you are pregnant or adolescent or an adult.
  • Compared with stainless steel knives, wood knife handles do not leech harmful chemicals into food when they are wet.
  • Wood is a natural material that offers much different aesthetic and environmental benefits, such as sustainability and eco-friendliness.
  • Wooden cutlery makes an excellent sound when it is used to chop or slice food items – this can be a pleasant experience for those who enjoy cooking or eating food!
  • There are many wooden utensils on the market designed specifically for cooking; so you can find wooden items of different types such as cutting boards, knives, spoons, and spatulas (for example, the one below: Palermo collection – a modish range designed by Italian brand Panera).
  • The value we attach to so-called “natural” or “eco-friendly” products does not stop reducing waste in general; but also means that what you buy is suitable for people and nature alike. By buying wooden cutlery contributes to sustainable development and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.
  • It’s not always necessary to splash out on expensive, timeless products that last a lifetime – and are made from natural materials.

In fact, you can often find good value for money by opting for items made from sustainable materials that will last a relatively short time.

This is the case with wooden cutlery, which is environmentally friendly and affordable.

How To Choose the Right Wooden Cutlery!

A lot of people are still not aware of the importance of wooden cutlery and its impact on food. It’s a fact that cutting meat with stainless steel knives can leave a residue in the knife, which is known as pitting. However, wood-handled cutlery can help you to avoid this problem. Here’s how you can choose the right wooden cutlery. Make sure that you choose wooden cutlery with a natural wood handle. The best way to do this is by going to the nearest market or browsing online shopping platforms and looking at all types of woods for sale there. There will be many suppliers of wooden cutlery in the same place, so choose wisely before investing money in it.

You should also be careful about the materials used to make wooden cutlery. The best option would be to go for a product that is made out of sustainable and eco-friendly wood such as bamboo, birch, or cedar. Lastly, you should take care while using the wooden cutlery. Always wash your hands after cutting meat with it, and avoid putting any other dirty objects on it before using it again.


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