An engagement party is a way of celebrating a couple who has been engaged and soon will tie their nuptial knots. Even if engagement gifts any sometimes be looked down a formality it is often advisable to show up with a nice gift to sunrise the couple.

If you are in search of extraordinary gift ideas here are a few gift options that will surely be the show-stealer. Choose from this fresh recommendation and amaze the recipients.

Imported chocolates

Just like cake online delivery, imported chocolate in fancy gift boxes can be easily ordered as a gift. The best thing is these boxes come beautifully design and don’t need additional wrapping to gift it a look of the gift.

Engagement themed wine bottle set

Classic engagement themed wine bottle set will make the bethored couple ecstatic. Apart from the flavorful wine the bottles will be a visual treat and complement the interior of the room in which it is placed.

Scented wax candles

Thick and lasting scented wax candles will create an aroma of love and create a peaceful ambience for the couple to spend some quality time with each other.

Glass tray with tiny printed ring dishes

An aesthetic glass tray with printed ring dishes can be an extraordinary engagement gift. To make it more attractive the engagement date could be engraved on the dish. These ring dishes are particularly been in trend for a couple of years.

Branded cloth material

Branded silk cloth material for him and her will be an elegant gift. The couple can use the fabric according to their will and will remember you for treating them with pure and supreme quality fabric.

Personalised chopping board

A personalised chopping board for the couple can be essential once they tie the only and start their married life. Their chopping board can have carvings like ‘Mr and Mrs’ or the last name of the couple.

Marble coasters

Classic multifunctional marble coasters are versatile gifts and can fit in any occasion. The costars come in different shapes and sizes. They can be used as decorative items especially on glass tables.

Mr & Mrs door hangings

Mr & Mrs door hangings are quite popular. They really can be customised with a sweet or funny message that goes up to the main entrance and brings out the smile on the far of visitors who comes to the door.

Range of skincare products for man and bride

Wedding or engagement ceremonies are quite hectic. Quality skincare products will keep the radiant good of the bride and groom intact admits all the stressful ceremonies. It will be a source of relaxation as well.

 Glass champagne ice basket

 A glass champagne ice basket can be a nice gift for the engagement. Glass ice baskets are made of thick glad and can store heavy bottles and ice cubes.  It looks wonderful when one has a giant bottle resting on chilled ice on a transparent ice basket.

 Do one thing every day together journal

 Newlyweds need to know each other better to have a great future. Journals for couples recommend fun and meaningful activities that could help.term discover each other’s personality is a great gift option. This can especially be a useful gift for the couple who have come together by arranged marriage.

 Designer cake

 Surprise the lucky couple and the guests with designer cake. Choose online cake store or digital bakeries to get explore unique cake designs that will startle the couple. Choose a safe flavour say chocolate or red velvet, steer away from strong fruit essence if you are not sure of the favourites of the recipient.


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