anniversary cake design

Looking for the perfect anniversary cake design to celebrate your big day? Whether it’s your first, second, third or hundredth anniversary, we’ve found some stunning anniversary cakes for all sorts of couples. Our collection features modern twists on traditional designs and beautiful cakes with a touch of whimsy.

1. Heart shaped anniversary cake design

 For the lovebirds who like their cake design simple yet sweet, this heart-shaped cake has a modern twist on a classic design. Topped with red velvet and a rose petal detail, it’s the perfect pick if you want something that’s elegant yet playful.

2. Red rose and champagne glasscake

This simple cake is topped with a champagne glass and a red rose that looks just stunning in its vintage style. Perfect for those who prefer a simple anniversary cake design, this cake will surely be an excellent choice for your big day.

3. Photo Cake Design

If you and your partner enjoy taking photos together, then this photo cake design will be the perfect addition to your big day. The cake is decorated with images of your favorite memories that you can easily use for inspiration.

4. White chocolate anniversary cake design

This stunning white chocolate cake design is the ideal choice if you and your partner are fans of white chocolate desserts. It’s beautifully frosted to look like a layer cake, but it’s actually made entirely out of one single block of white chocolate.

5. Blue & Red Swirl Cake

This fun and modern anniversary cake is decorated with a blue and red swirl design. With its smooth and soft texture, it is sure to bring out the best in any occasion. It is also one of the best engagement cake design ideas for a couple looking for something different.

5. Vintage styled anniversary cake design

The cake has a rich vanilla flavor with a bit of crunchy meringue on top. This vintage styled cake looks great at your party and has a lovely texture which will make your guests smile.

6. Black cherry blossom cake design

Another beautiful cake design featuring a modern take on the classic black cherry blossom cake. This cake will make a beautiful addition to your special day. It’s decorated with fresh red berries, making it look like the blossom trees are ready to burst into bloom.

7. Starfish cake design

When you think of the ocean, you probably don’t think of dessert but it’s actually one of the most popular cake designs. This beautiful starfish cake design is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. It features a white cake with a light green buttercream filling and an edible sea sponge.

8. Vanilla & Strawberry Cake

This unique cake design is filled with vanilla sponge, fresh cream and strawberry jam. The perfect combination of soft sponge with creamy filling and fresh strawberries on top makes this a wonderful choice for an anniversary.

9. Mixed fruit cake

Decorated with fresh fruits and decorated with the number 50, this cake is a sweet way to mark the 50th anniversary of the couple’s wedding. It’s made up of layers of sponge cake with a white chocolate butter cream filling and a fresh fruit salad.

10. Chocolate cake with Pistachio Design

Chocolate lovers will love this modern twist on the traditional pistachio cake design. It’s decorated with chocolate chips and frosted in a delicious pistachio butter cream .

11. Pink cake with Coconut Cake

It’s no secret that coconut and pink go together like peas and carrots. This lovely cake has a delicious coconut cream filling and is decorated with fresh pink icing.

12. Pineapple Cake Design

This pineapple cake design will make a statement on any table setting. It features a yellow cake that is covered with a golden pineapple filling and topped with a pineapple macaroon. The pineapple cake looks delicious and will be loved by everyone at your celebration.

13. White Chocolate Coconut Cake

The combination of white chocolate and coconut is always a great choice when you want something sweet. This white chocolate coconut cake is topped with coconut flakes and finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate. It’s sure to become a favorite cake design for many years to come.

14. Chocolate & Strawberry Cake

If chocolate is more of your thing, this strawberry and chocolate cake design is definitely something that your loved ones will appreciate. A rich chocolate sponge cake and a smooth chocolate icing make this a treat that’s sure to leave them with sweet memories of your love.

15. Orange cake with raspberries

With its smooth, moist sponge and bright orange icing, this cake is perfect for celebrating the season or simply enjoying it as a delicious treat. Topped off with raspberries and orange slices, it makes a lovely, elegant addition to any celebration.


No matter what type of cake you have in mind, we are sure you will find the one that will be the perfect match for you and your loved ones.


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