Hey there, I’m Brittany Dixon. If you are not familiar with my name and the type of content I create, keep reading to find out more. In a nutshell, I am a voice-over artist, fitness enthusiast, TV host, and over all creator. So, who is Brittany Dixon you ask? Only one way to know. Let’s get started. I’ve answered my top 20 most frequently asked questions about myself and brand.

  1. What Is Voiceover VO?

VO or a voice-over artist is a type of voice actor. We are generally called up to use our voice for tv commercials, radio spots, cartoons, video games, e-learning, telephone prompts and so much more. Using a human voice helps the audience understand and relate to the messages and encourages better engagement to benefit the company’s brand.

  1. How To Become A VO?

To become a voice-over artist, I would personally recommend taking voiceover classes, you will learn so much about your voice and the business of VO. You don’t have to have an amazing voice to become a VO artist, just an authentic one.  Set up your home booth and recording system and start practicing with free scripts online, and then submit your work and/or demo agencies and audio-based platforms.

  1. 3. How To Improve Voice Acting Skills?

I highly suggest studying VO category of interest. For example, if you are interested in becoming a animation VO artist, start watching cartoons and really listen to the voices. Pay attention to tone, pitch, energy, dialect, and personality. Try coming up with your own cartoon character, are they young or old? Female or male? Nice or Evil? How would they laugh or cry? Use this method reading children’s books out loud. Looking to get into commercial VO? Pick up a magazine and read the articles out loud. This helps with enunciation and your reading skills.

  1. Which Is Your Favorite Media Outlet To Work With?

My favorite outlet to work with is iHeartRadio. They sound engineers are so nice and pleasant to work with.  I’m also on Voice123, which is a “pay to play” site for voiceover actors. I get about 10-20 auditions a day. It’s a great way to stay on top of your voiceover skills and get faster with recording and editing.

  1. How Did You Become A Voice Over Artist?

I got my start at the Atlanta Voiceover Studios. I took their voiceover weekend workshop, then continued to their 6 month training course. That’s was my humble start in the voice-over industry. I worked with private coaches after, and later recoded my commercial demo. I submitted my materials to multiple agencies and eventually received representation from a top agency in Atlanta 

  1. How Do You Get Work As A VO?

I mainly get my VO work from iHeartRadio, which I’m contracted with. My agent sends bigger auditions for video games, TV commercials and new media.  I’m also on casting sites like Backstage, Actors Access and Voices123.

  1. How Do Your Warm-Up For Your Auditions?

Rather I’m doing an audition or booking, I always warm up my voice first. I do beathing exercises, tongue exercises by rotating my tongue in my mouth clockwise and counterclockwise until it gets tired, which helps me speak clearly. I also do tongue twisters and mouth exercises to help stretch the muscles around the lips. For fun, I’ll turn on my favorite music and sing to it to warm up my vocal cords.

  1. What Equipment Do You Use?

I record in my home booth, aka…my closet, which I have converted by soundproofing it with padded moving blankets and cushioning mats. The recording system is the Focusrite scarlet 3rd gen. It comes with a condenser microphone, interface, and headset. For my editing software, I use Audacity. It’s free and simple to use.

  1. How Do You Plan Your Nutrition?

Well, this is a big one, but to keep it simple and easy. I focus more on the things I should eat to help me for optimum health. I refrain from eating processed foods like sugary snacks, packaged food, and foods with excess sail and oils.

  1. Are You A Vegan?

As much as I enjoy and cook vegan meals, I am not vegan. I am Plant Based. Most if not all of whats on my plate is whole fruits, veggies, grains, etc… I eat fish every now and then, maybe once a month or longer. Not a big fan of cheese, except on my pizza. I don’t consume dairy or eggs; it doesn’t agree with my stomach.  

  1. What To Eat To Stay Lean?

Vegetables are key to staying lean. They are packed with many nutrients and fiber to keep your metabolism working to help burn off excess fat. Avoiding processed foods and only eating whole is the best way to stay lean. However, it’s ok to enjoy your favorite snack in moderation. 

  1. Which Is Your Most Recommended Energy Bar?

I’m actually a trail mix girl. Energy bars are very similar to candy bars with the amount of sugar it has. However, if I had to pick one it would be the KIND Bars. You can latterly see the ingredients through the clear packaging, and has a lot less sugar than most bars I know of.  

  1. What Are Your Hobbies?

I love to cook. Not sure if that’s a hobby, but cooking is so relaxing to me and when your done preparing a meal, you get to eat. It’s a win-win!

  1. How Long Do You Work Out Per Session?

Many people think I spend hours in the gym. I don’t. My workouts last from 15-45 min. I have so many other things to do during my day, so I have to created quick and effective workouts that combine multiple muscle groups. Plus using shorter workouts helps me stay more consistent with my fitness routine.  

  1. Which Do You Like More, Fitness Or Voice Acting?

Funny you ask. I’ve been in sports all my life so, its second nature like taking a shower. But I also need the lung capacity for voice acting. Needless to say fitness fuels everything I do, so I love it that respect. Voice acting let’s me be creative and live in an imaginary world, which I absolutely love, too. Honestly, I can’t pick. They both have ups and downs. I love them the same.

  1. Why Is Your Channel Focused On Fitness?

I stared my channel in 2011 sharing home workouts. I wanted to the be the next big celebrity fitness personality and grew my audience with fun and entertaining workout videos. As the years went on, I evolved in producing more content around overall health, travel, cooking, product reviews, and things that help me in my everyday life to share with my growing subscribers.

  1. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Exercises?

My favorite exercise are fire hydrants. They really target the glutes, I’ve been doing then for years and it always gets me right. I also meditate just about every day. I’ts  a mental exercise that helps set the tone for the day and prepares you for challenging times.

  1. Best Advice For Junior VOs?

Be yourself. Your voice is unique be no one in the world has your exact voice. As technology advances and becomes cheaper, start with what you already have. For instance, search the web for free vo script copies, then practice recording on your cell phone by sitting in a closet full of clothes, it helps with the acoustics. 

  1. Best Advice For Healthy Nutrition?

My best advice for healthy eating… make sure your plate is half filled with vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not. Eating a variety of vegetables is key to healthy nutrition. If you consume meat, make sure your piece is no bigger than the palm of your hand.  Again, avoid processed foods like chips, soda, and heavily preserved foods. Change your relationship with food.

  1. Best Advice For A Great Work Out?

Don’t compete with anyone but yourself.  Use exercising as a celebration for your body, not a punishment. Start small and work your way up. Play your favorite music to get through tough sessions. Recite daily positive affirmations to mentally push yourself. Know it’s ok to give your body a break to rest to recover.


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