Are you trying to access your own website’s correct URL? Suddenly you see the message on your screen which is telling you something is “forbidden”.  Now, what is it? I didn’t get the authority to access my website. If it is happening with you also then you are likely to run 403 Forbidden errors WordPress.

If you see some error on your WordPress site it is completely irritating and frustrating. But don’t worry, here we have come up with a complete guide that is going to help you to fix your WordPress error with minimal effort. Here we are going to focus on 403 Forbidden errors in WordPress.  So let’s explore more about this error and find the ways to fix it.

Let’s Understand 403 Forbidden Error

According to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), 403 Forbidden WordPress is:

The 403 error code shows that the server understands your request to access but they refuse you access due to authorization. The server wants to make public the cause of the error and can describe the possible reason in the response payload.

Just like some other WordPress errors, 403 is also an HTTPS  status code error. It is used to communicate with the web browser

When you connect to any website with your browser the webserver is responsible for connecting it to the server and calling the HTTP header. This complete process occurs in the background when everything is working normally.

But if the background process is not working properly then the server will respond with different HTTP error codes.  Well, these numbers are irritating and difficult to encounter for the user. But it is quite important to decode these numbers because this is the only way to find out the exact cause of this error that occurs on your website.

The 403 Forbidden error implies that your web server comprehends the solicitation that the client is making, yet the server won’t satisfy it.

In more human-accommodating terms, it fundamentally implies that your server knows precisely what you need to do, it in all likelihood won’t allow you to do this because you don’t have the appropriate authorizations for reasons unknown. It’s similar to you’re attempting to get into a private occasion, however, your name got coincidentally eliminated from the list of people to attend for reasons unknown.

Other HTTP status codes mean various things. We’ve composed aides on fixing issues with 404 not tracked down blunders, 500 inside server mistakes, 502 awful door blunders, and 504 entryway break mistakes.

Know The Causes of 403 Forbidden Error WordPress

The two most common causes of 403 forbidden error are:

Apart from this, some other causes can also lead to the type of error in WordPress; it can be plugins or something else. In this blog, we are going to share some troubleshooting methods to fix these causes.

How to Fix Fixing 403 Forbidden Error WordPress

Before trying any of the below-mentioned WordPress error fixing techniques it is highly recommended to create a backup of your website. if you have already activated automatic WordPress backup using the plugins then make sure it has created the latest backup of your Website. If you have checked all the things now you are ready to move forward to fix these errors. 

1. Fixing 403 Forbidden Error Caused by a WordPress Plugin

First of all, if you want to fix the  403 Forbidden error WordPress occurs due to the plugins You have to uninstall or temporarily deactivate all the plugins that you are using in your WordPress site. It also includes all the security plugins that you are using in your WordPress site.

 After the deactivation, if you find your problem has resolve then it’s clear that one of the plugins of your website is the cause of this error.

Now you can find out Which plugin is creating a problem in your website by activating all the plugins one by one and checking if the error is occurring or not. when you find the exact plugin then you can install all the other ones except the error-causing one.

2. Fix 403 Forbidden Error Caused by Corrupt .htaccess File

Another common cause of 403 Forbidden error is corrupt .htaccess file In your WordPress site full stop but it is not a cause of worry because it can repaire by using some simple steps.

Summing Up:

In this blog, we have discussed 403 Forbidden errors, Hope it will help you to find out the root cause of the error. if still, you are facing some problem with your WordPress website then you can connect with us. We have a technically sound team who can provide you with complete maintenance of your WordPress site.

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