Green tea

Health is a difficult thing to achieve and doesn’t come effortlessly for most people. Your health can be dependent upon many things from including your food choices to the lifestyle habits you follow. However, we humans are naturally inclined towards shortcuts and find it easy to rush to the options that can help us achieve our health goals. One such popular healthy escape is green tea. 

Green Tea – What the Hype is About?

Many people think that they can eat anything and can compensate for this unhealthy eating by having a cup of green tea. There has been a lot of hype regarding green tea and its role in weight loss. However, there is always a little less we know about these ingredients and this partial information can be harmful to us. 

This misinformation not only results in hindering us from getting the right benefit of it. But overconsumption of these can cause other health problems as well. I came across one such example where my cousin who consumed a lot of matcha green tea over some time started suffering from digestive health problems. She continued this and ultimately ended with anaemia that was diagnosed after visiting many best doctors in Lahore. This made me clear that no matter how good an ingredient is for you, there is always a need to have the right information about it. 

Common Myths about Green Tea

Keeping the situation in mind, I thought to make you all clear about the right use of green tea by busting some of the common misconceptions about green tea. These include:

1- You can lose weight with green tea

This is one of the most commonly believed myths about green tea that it can make you lose weight. However, no matter how much green tea you intake you are not going to lose weight unless you follow the right dietary practices and work out well. Green tea can only help to improve digestion and gradually improve your metabolism and has no direct influence on weight loss. 

2- All green teas are the same

Next in the list of green tea misconceptions comes that all green. Teas are the same however, this is merely a myth. Depending upon the origin and the methods used to grow green tea, we can attain different types of green tea. These green teas can have variable nutritional compositions and can act in different ways. Matcha green tea is considered to be the premium quality green tea that is according to its efficacy of course.

3- Green tea can exist without caffeine 

Decaffeinated teas and even green teas are ruling our tea market and have become more of a trend. However, these are nothing more than the popular claims and no matter how much decaffeinated a green tea. It can never be caffeine-free. So, next time you are going to buy green tea and are willing to pay an extra amount because it contains no caffeine, then be mindful that it could be no more a cleverly marketed product.

4- You can add sugar and milk to green tea

Your obsession with sugar and milk added tea can be understood. But do you know that drinking green tea this way can compromise its health benefits. Adding milk and sugar to green tea not only adds. To the calories of green tea but affects the efficacy of green tea. So, yes if you think that you can get the benefits of green tea after adding milk and sugar to it, then you are probably mistaken. 

5- Green tea has anti-ageing properties

This is one of the most commonly believed myths about green tea that says that intaking green tea can stop aging. Green tea doesn’t have anti-ageing properties and can’t make you age slower. Though it is known for its antioxidants properties and is capable of fighting free radicals that can be the cause of oxidative stress.

Bottom Line!

Green tea is a popular drink that is known for its multiple health benefits. All these health benefits of green tea can be achieved only if it’s incorporated into the diet correctly. Whenever consuming it, make sure you keep the safe quantity to prevent any side effects. 


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