Up to 70% of an adult human body is made up of water and is the most important nutrient in the body, which is needed by each cell to carry out body functions. Regretfully, the prime reasons for clean water scarcity are water pollution, and filtered water is the most affordable and easily available solution to it right now. You can get the Aquaguard price starting from an affordable range. You can also get home appliances like the Best RO Kitchen chimney from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at no cost EMI and zero down payment option. 

Having a drinking water filtration system sounds more reliable than purchasing packaged water, and this article will tell you why.

Bottled water causes loads of unnecessary waste production

A single household uses many hundreds or even thousands of water bottles throughout the year; just imagine the amount of waste being produced by this behavior and what that means for big cities where the population would approximately be between 100,000- 1 million. In order to avoid such enormous amounts of waste, you might want to go for water filters.

Water filters are much more cost-efficient than bottled water 

A 1L water bottle costs up to Rs. 13, and a minimum of 15L water is required for a single household daily. So, it will cost Rs. 195 a day and Rs. 71,175 a year. Best Aquaguard RO price range starts from just Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000, it’s a one-time investment, and you also have so many products to choose from, e.g.,

  • Magna HD 7 L UV Dr. Aquaguard RO price: Rs. 13000. 
  • 6.5 L water purifier superb Aquaguard RO price: Rs. 18,500.
  • 8 L Reviva Aquaguard RO price: Rs. 14,000.
  • 6 L UV+MTDS with active copper technology Glory Aquaguard RO price: Rs. 13,799.

Still, choosing bottled water over water purifiers is being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Bottled water offered in plastic bottles may release harmful substances into the water

Plastic-bottled water often contains a significant fraction of harmful chemicals. Even though the amount of those chemicals is small, consumption of this contaminated water may still cause adverse health effects.

Packaged water often alters the taste of water

Sometimes the taste of bottled water can be worse compared to just using water from the tap. In fact, some plastic bottles give away a certain flavour to the water, especially when stored in hot rooms or carried to places with a higher temperature, whereas water purifiers these days not only purify but also retain the natural minerals in the water, making it taste sweet, and some filters also come with taste adjusters that too in an affordable price, for example, 6L UV+MTDS+ Alkaline water purifier Glory Aquaguard RO price is just Rs. 13,999, and it has advanced UV-C purification technology, taste adjuster, superior 7 stages of purification and removes new-age contaminants.

Water filters are more environment friendly

No one is unaware of the fact that how much pollution plastic causes. It being much lighter than glass, making it easier to carry around people use plastic packaging for bottled water which then causes significant plastic pollution on a global scale. In fact, large parts of the ocean surface are already covered with plastic, which in turn leads to water pollution and to the destruction of habitats of numerous animals and plants. The burning of waste from water bottles implies the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere resulting in air pollution. Choosing a water filter over bottled water would certainly cause a lesser environmental impact.

Also, installing a kitchen chimney would help to keep the air of the living space clean as it can remove hot gases and toxic pollutants from the indoors, suck in heat or steam that comes out of cooking utensils, preventing them from hitting one’s face making cooking more comfortable as well as safe too. Since the air in the kitchen stays cool and clean because of a kitchen chimney, it helps control the growth of bacteria and other germs.

Hence, to protect and preserve our nature choosing a drinking water filtration system, a good option would be an Aquaguard RO price range starting from just Rs. 10,000. 


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