Tech Gift Ideas

For non-techies, it’s hard to keep track of the hottest new gadgets out there. What gift to buy for a tech friend, partner or beloved of yours can be the toughest decision to make. But there’s good news; no matter what their passions are, there’s always something out there that’s just right for them.

Whether you want to go big and spend a lot of money or spend less than $50 on a new gadget, here are some cool tech gift ideas to consider:

1: Ecobee SmartThermostat

This app-enabled thermostat offers features intuitive technology that allows you to adjust your home’s temperature even if you’re a hundred miles away from home. I have seen this device installed in some temp agencies Pittsburgh PA too. But that doesn’t mean Ecobee isn’t meant for homeowners.

Ecobee boasts a high-resolution screen, beautiful design, and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. It also comes with a remote sensor that allows you to set the temperature in a room other than the one where the thermostat is installed. Ecobee has outstanding voice-control integration, so you can even ask Alexa or Google to modify your living room’s temperature.

2: Oculus Quest 2

Quest 2 is a terrific gift for a dedicated gamer. It provides a premium virtual reality consumer experience, with great images and controls that let you interact intuitively. It’s the best deal in VR right now and it can be used for more than just gaming.

3: Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

PureVis water bottle by LARQ is the perfect tech gift for someone who has everything. Thanks to an inbuilt UV-C light, you will be able to able to disinfect the bottle’s interior as well as the water inside it with harmless technology. It simply takes a minute to complete the process.

The bottle comes in a variety of colors and features an insulated design that keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Its sanitizer’s rechargeable battery can last up to a month between charges!

4: Phone Wallet Case

A Bellroy Phone Case is a terrific present for iPhone users because it keeps your cards organized and accessible. A secret pocket for up to three cards is hidden beneath a convenient magnetic closure that also serves as a viewing stand.

The case is made of high-quality leather and comes in a variety of colors. It includes a strong shell to protect against drops and a soft inside to keep scratches off the phone. Covers for every iPhone model are available.

5: Screen Cleaner Kit

Whoosh! is a strong, non-toxic screen cleaner that will keep the screens of any gadget lover’s devices sparkling clean. The odorless liquid is safe for all screens, and a trio of antimicrobial microfiber wipes included in the package ensures that you get the most out of every spray. You’ll also get a travel-sized spray bottle with the kit, so you can keep your phone clean on the road!

This is a type of gift every mobile device owner needs these days.

6: Remarkable 2 Tablet

Remarkable 2 is a unitasking device designed with the goal of replacing paper. If you know someone who would love to have a digital notebook, this is a perfect gift.

Writing feels remarkably comparable to writing with a pen and paper, thanks to the 10-inch e-ink display’s quick response time.  Its paid Connect service lets it sync to cloud accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox and convert handwriting to text, and screen share to computers for presentations.

It also comes with a companion app that allows you to access your notes from anywhere at any time.

7: Crosley C6 Turntable

There’s a lot of disagreement over whether analog vinyl recordings sound “better” or “warmer” than digitally structured audio files. However, one thing is certain!  putting your favorite album on a record player and listening to it the way the musicians and producers intended will always be a unique experience.

Know someone who would appreciate this experience? The Crosley C6 is one of our top selections for a person who wants to collect records but needs a functional record player. It provides current turntable accessories in a traditional style.

8: Jall Sunrise Alarm Clock

Jall Sunrise Alarm Clock does an excellent job of simulating sunrise and sunset. A sunrise alarm clock can be a great way to welcome the day in a more pleasant manner, especially during the darker winter months.

A friend of mine in sales and marketing recruitment is quite serious about his sleep hygiene so I gifted him this clock! You can also get this gift for someone who isn’t much of a morning person to help them fix their routine.

There goes the list. Pick any gift that you think fits the personality of the giftee and make the purchase.


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