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Skirts have been one of the prominent fashion statements for human beings since the ancient period. According to many fashion experts and historians, it existed before pants were invented. It was much later; precisely the 1800’s when skirts wholly turned into women’s wear. 

At present, there are several types of skirts to choose from. Moreover, there are many things on which the price of the skirts depends. Here, you can learn about some most expensive skirts in the world depending on their type.

Top 7 variants of expensive skirts in the world

Talking about the most expensive skirts in the world, you should be aware of the factors that make them pricey. Generally, the fabric and the decoration of a skirt determine its price. Have a look at the list below to choose your favorite expensive skirt. However, you should always stay at an affordable range while buying a skirt.  

1. Balloon Skirt

Balloon skirts can top the list when it comes to price. There are many reasons for it. Firstly, the balloon skirts are generally long and poofy. Thus, it takes more fabric to make a balloon skirt than most other skirts.

Secondly, this skirt has an upper part that covers the breasts and abdominal area. Nowadays, Balloon skirts come in different lengths and styles depending on who wears them.

This skirt has got such a name because its silhouette looks like a balloon. Another way to identify a balloon skirt is its flitting at the waist.

2. A-Line Skirt

Nowadays, the A-Line skirts are quite trendy as they give that classic outlook to women who wear them. Several brands manufacture A-Line skirts with fabrics of top-notch quality. This makes the A-Lines one of the most expensive skirts.

The A-Line Skirt has a name because its silhouette looks like the English alphabet A. If you plan to buy an expensive A-Line skirt, always check its fabric and brand.

As per the benefits of the A-Line skirt, you can both wear it to your office and parties. But, of course, it would all depend on the other fashion elements you add to complete your look. 

3.   Mini Skirt

Probably, no woman is there in the modern era who has not heard of a mini skirt. But, unfortunately, although mini skirts need less fabric, they turn pricey due to the quality. Generally, all branded mini skirts are expensive. 

These skirts became trendy in the 1960s, but they shocked women when introduced. Earlier, miniskirts were made of simple fabric but sooner, the denim versions started to rule the market. Now, you can get expensive miniskirts that come with pockets and belt loops. These are now the trendiest variants of short skirts

4. Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirts, one of the expensive variants of the skirts, have got different names. These are also called straight skirts, tube skirts, or fitted skirts. There are two reasons why pencil skirts are pricey compared to many other variants.

Firstly, they are made of quality fabrics and often decorated for enhanced outlook, and secondly, due to the glamour, it possesses. Pencil skirts came into the market in the 1950s. Since then, younger women started wearing them for parties and workplaces. 

5. Tea-Length Skirt

The Tea-Lengths are among the most expensive skirts available in the world. But, again, it is primarily the fabric that always needs to be outstanding for this skirt. These skirts are made with soft cloth, and they serve as the best summer wear for women of any age. 

It became trendy during the 1920s as younger women started wearing them during tea parties. The Tea-Length Skirts always add elegance to a woman’s outlook. Moreover, at times, brides wear them during Christian Weddings. By this, you can consider that the days of gowns are gone.

The modern-day Tea-Length Skirts have many similarities with the lehenga for girls. These are the Indian version of the Tea-Lengths and are expensive. You would be amazed to know that the top variants of wedding lehengas cost crores of rupees in India. 

6. Tulle Skirt

The main reason why Tulle Skirt is present in this list is due to the expense of the mesh fabric. This fabric is also known as Tulle. Several global and regional brands manufacture the Tulle skirts.

If you desire to purchase a Tulle skirt, make sure to check the number of mesh layers present in it. More mesh layers in the Tulle skirts make them expensive. Moreover, the comfort and the outlook are enhanced with a big Tulle skirt. 

Generally, the ballet girls wear Tulle skirts during their performance. However, at times, these skirts are combined with the Tutu skirts to beautify the figures of the ballet performers.

You would be amazed to know that the Tulle skirts were made with Muslin in the past. But, unfortunately, these variants are rarely available now, and they are far more expensive.

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7. Wrap Skirts

Wrap Skirts are moderately expensive in the modern market as not many brands manufacture them. However, you can find them in a few e-commerce stores and buy them according to your preference. Wrap skirts are the best for everyday comfort as you need to wrap the dress material around your waist.

The identifying part of a wrap skirt is a drawstring. Always remember to bind it properly to avoid embarrassing fashion malfunction. 

Final Words

The world of skirts is quite diversified, and you can always face a dilemma while choosing one for your wardrobe. However, this list of the most expensive skirts can ensure your comfort and outlook as you wear them. 

However, make sure all other fashion elements that you carry are perfect. Imperfections in your shoes, tops, or hair accessories can ruin your entire outlook anytime. 

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