If you’re someone who wants to work out within your home comfort, it’s wise to own a device. Treadmills are the best devices for maintaining a good workout schedule for high-intensity cardio and shedding some extra kilos. One of the best and most popular devices is the Afton treadmill. You can work out at your convenience at any time of the day without any hassle of going to the gym. 

But before you rush on the internet to compare Treadmill prices across different platforms, here are 7 things that you just can’t afford to ignore before buying the best Afton Treadmill.

  1. Belt Size:

The belt is the base for any treadmill machine which must be strong and according to the dimensions that can cater for people with different heights and weights. It needs to be a minimum of 48 inches for shorter people, 54 inches for people with a height around 6 feet and above, and 18 inches in width. These are the standard dimensions that must be taken into consideration.

  1. Shock-Absorbing Cushions: 

Running on a treadmill is an extensive process and hence, it’s of the utmost importance that the cushioning of the base is comfortable and shock-absorbent. It should bear with each foot strike and footstep and should not shift from the chain. 

Other than this, the Afton treadmill should be started at a minimum speed of 10 mph. The cushioning of the treadmill belts must be safe as to not cause any medical implications such as leg pain post-workout.

  1. Size of the treadmill: 

A treadmill at home will require a large space or a special room. Hence, make space for the treadmill first and then buy the one that can easily fit and function in the allotted space. Also, place the treadmill in the required space beforehand as it’s too heavy to shift or move. On other hand, foldable treadmills are also available but that requires space too.

  1. Guarantee and Warranty: 

A treadmill is a machine after all, and it’s worth solely depends upon the warranty of its components. It’s highly advisable to look for a lifetime warranty on the frame of the machine and its motor. If not, look for at least 10 years of warranty. Besides, the electrical components of the treadmill must come with a warranty of at least 5 years or so and a labor warranty up to 2 years. 

  1. Motor Horsepower: 

The workout experience and life of the treadmill machine directly depend on the motor quality and horsepower. If you’re committed enough to run on a treadmill every day, a motor with 2.5-3.0 continuous horsepower (CHP) will be required for effortless functioning. 

Having said that, it’s important to know that the motor horsepower of a treadmill machine totally depends upon the weight of the user and the frequency of usage. So if a heavyweight individual or more than one person is looking forward to using the same treadmill, then consider having a highly functional motor with advanced horsepower.

  1. Features and uses: 

Apart from the belt size and cushioning, it’s equally important to look for the best features available and its smooth functioning. For this, check the control panel of the treadmill for easy accessibility and usage. 

Look if it’s within the reach while working out and understand the features thoroughly before buying. Know about speed adjustments, pulse monitor functioning and music facility.

  1. Budget

After all these physical aspects, it’s equally important to consider the budget aspect of the treadmill too. For this, create a budget for yourself as to how much you can afford to spend after a treadmill. 

A good quality treadmill can be easily available at reasonable and budgeted prices if it’s from a trusted brand such as Afton treadmills. As every treadmill comes with distinct features and applications, its prices can also vary according to it. 


Getting a treadmill at home is not an easy process. From figuring out its features to getting it assembled in a house, it can be a tedious procedure. But still, it can be a life-changing purchase for your physical health. 

And to make most of it, consider these points and also seek a piece of expert advice wherever required before making a purchase. To make it easier for you, the Afton treadmill can be a good option owing to treadmill price, features and quality.

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