Talking about botanical, you will meet a lot of its varieties. This time, we would like to invite you to know more about Aglaiaodorata, a Latin name of Chinese perfume or henna tree. This God creature is identical for its tiny size and is often used for many purposes, such as medicine, home decoration, and food. Because of the benefits it has, this small evergreen is interesting to be explored. Let’s unveil more about this beauty!

Facts about AglaiaOdorata

Every greenery has its characteristic that makes them different from each other. When it comes to botanical, what thing that you want to use from this God creature? Are you looking for greenery that offers versatility in benefits? If so, this Aglaiaodorata is the one that you can reference.

Chinese perfume tree is inspired by its name where this small evergreen tree grows originally in China. Belong to the mahogany family, it also grows in other regions in Asia, for example, Taiwan, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

As we said, this tree is well-known for its tiny size. In American gardens, Aglaiaodorata is mainly used as an ornamental plant that typically grows to 10 feet (3m). The stems themselves can be 15 cm. That’s why the herbs are perfect to be placed around the fence of the house.

What Chinese perfume tree good for?

Learning about botanicals is not only about each plant’s appearance. There are more things to be explored, including their use in daily life. For this, China’s iconic herbs are the ones that contain many uses that beneficial for our activities.

Although the size is tiny, who expects that the herbs are rich in advantages? We can’t deny the fact that this family of mahogany is perfect for garden decoration, but further, the ornamental plant is beneficial for medical purposes.

Yup, many of the plant parts, such as its roots, leaves, flowers, and branches can be used for medicine. Usually, this herb is harvested from nature for local use. Besides medicine, people can also consume it as a food intake. In the market, you may find Chinese perfume tree as wood and essential oils that are good for meditation and the making of soap flower for a gift idea.

Aglaiaodorata benefits for daily life

We bet some of you are still unfamiliar with this herb. It’s understandable since this small evergreen itself is not growing in many regions of the world. In Singapore, you may rarely meet them in local areas or citizens’ houses. However, that doesn’t mean this herb is an abandoned botanical.

If you have any plan to get one in your garden, unveil more about its benefit to convince you that the Chinese perfume plant is great for human life. Here are examples of Aglaiaodorata benefits that are good for your life.

1. You can consume the flowers as tea

Are you a tea enthusiast? This drink has a lot of fans around the world. Identical for its advantage for body health, if you are familiar with how to serve a healthy tea, you must understand that dried flowers are commonly included in herbal tea. You can consume the flowers of Chinese henna herbs to spark the scent from the tea.

2. Can be served as a healthy dish

It must be a little weird knowing that an herb that is supposed to be a decoration item is actually good for food intake. Other Aglaiaodorata benefits you will experience come from its leaf that can be cook as a healthy dish. Asian people know the leaves as one of the food ingredients because of their tender texture. That’s why it safe to be eaten.

3. Good as a febrifuge

Have you ever experienced fever? This disease often leads its sufferer to feel tired all day long. The temperature of the body usually increases afterward. However, you can consume herbal medicine to cure fever by using the roots and leaves of this mahogany family plant. It can boost your immune.

4. To treat excessive menstruation

Menstruation has been a monthly routine that sometimes could be troublesome for any woman if it occurs excessively. Something herbal is good to cure this health condition. For this, you can use the infusion of the herb leaves as a medicine that will give you benefits during menstruation.

5. Add color to your fences

As we mentioned above, most people use this herb as garden decoration. If you want to add more greenery to your garden, brighten your garden looks by placing this famous Asian botanical on your fences. When you take care of it regularly, it will grow beautifully. It will creep around your gate as well. The final look it gives is perfect for the aesthetic seeker.

6. Give scent to clothes

Flowers are not only great for romantic purposes. For household needs, flowers are great for fragrance products. When ironing your clothes, you can spray the infusion of flowers of this small evergreen that will give perfumery to your clothes.

7. Help maintain your slim body

A natural way to lose weight is what many people look for to prevent themselves from ingredients that risk their body health. For this, leaves of this small evergreen are good during a diet. 

8. Overcome high cholesterol

High cholesterol is what elders commonly experience due to bad habits. The leaves of this small evergreen can overcome high cholesterol. It can reduce the symptoms of high cholesterol in the body.


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