The American market is dominated by brands. Those based in the US are the ones who benefit the most from a mobile marketplace. Many brands have been using these types of sites for years, such as Groupon, and have enjoyed success. In fact, 44% of the people who find a brand on these sites visit the brand’s website. A new mobile platform is on the way called Bonanza.

The platform is a B2B marketplace that connects fashion brands to seasoned manufacturers in China. Its goal is to help them gain total control of their production and quality control. With over 250 manufacturers and 200+ brands across the globe, Fashinza is designed to make the process easier. The site claims a four-fold speed up in supplier matching, a 60 percent reduction in sample approval time, and 90% fewer follow-ups.

The platform allows brands to design and build products without the need for a salesperson or marketing department. It also offers free sustainability and ingredient research, allowing brands to customize products. A product road map lets brands build products from scratch with no prior experience and is affordable and easy to use. It also streamlines purchasing and offers upfront pricing and lead times. Users can easily assess the compliance of a product with sustainable programs, such as veganism.

People always wonder what the antidote is to Amazon, an eCommerce empire that takes pride in ever-improving efficiency and using robots to replace humans. Maybe Poppy is our latest answer. Poppy is a fashion and lifestyle-focused marketplace. When you open the Poppy mobile app, which is the primary form of the user interface, you can explore thousands of unique brands with distinctive identities and various aesthetic choices. From indie yoga apparel brands to succulent gift boxes for birthdays, you can easily discover goodies to light up your day.

There is no other inspirational marketplace quite like this. Poppy has nearly 100 million products curated from all indie brands all over the internet. It is more like a “Shoppable Pinterest” or mobile-friendly “Google Shopping”. And it is an ever-growing platform with daily updates of 15,000 products.  So you may ask why we need another shopping platform like this? Why don’t we just all stick to Amazon?

A brand-first mobile marketplace for American brands will create a community of buyers and sellers. This platform offers a free source of information to help a brand find suppliers and consumers. The app also allows a brand to sell directly to consumers in 46 countries. An added bonus is that it only charges when a product is sold. This allows a brand to avoid paying for inventory or acquiring products that are not yet available in the market.


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