A Single Ingredient Recipe Series Based on Chicken Breasts


All the wonderful and delicious recipes start with a single ingredient which is easy to store and it forms the basis for making a delicious food or a healthy nutritious meal. The recipes that we have shared come with just a few more ingredients to make it tasty and different. So, if you have a pound of chicken breasts in your freezer, you can make a chicken sandwich or creamy chicken marsala. So, these recipes are mouth-watering so sit tight before you start reading them. Before we share the recipes, we want to make you aware of the different contents which we make on education, home décor, exercise, clothing, technology, cars, etc. to keep you updated on our platform Term Paper Help. If you find difficulty in making your assignments then stop worrying and avail our assignment help services from our platform XYZ and score high marks.

Eating chicken during lunch and dinner is a healthy choice as chicken is high in protein and is lower in cholesterol. It contains lower levels of saturated fat than red meat. It is easy to cook and these recipes of roasted chicken and boneless chicken breasts are cooker favorites.

Let’s start with the one ingredient-based recipes of Chicken Breasts:

·        Chicken with cranberries and orange sauce: Dipped in orange marmalade and curry powder, the chicken breasts get its flavor and cook faster than bone-in breasts. Dried cranberries and green onions add color to the chicken breasts.

·        Spicy fried Chicken Tenders: This buttermilk fried chicken tenders are served with sweet and sour sauce and the creole adds a spicy flavor which will make your weekday.

·        Creamy Chicken Marsala: This is a quick chicken marsala recipe where the cream adds richness to the recipe. The thickened sauce is tasty and can be eaten with rice.

·        Chicken with Cilantro Cream Sauce: The preparation is made from fresh chopped cilantro, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper and green onions and it is easy and tasty.

·        Skillet Lemon Chicken with Mushroom: The chicken breasts coated in a thin layer of flour has a delicious taste and it is served with lemon and white sauce mixture which adds flavor to it.

·        Garlic chicken and Shrimp: The combination of chicken and shrimp goes with each other and it is best to taste when served with hot cooked rice.

·        Crispy Oven-fried Chicken Thighs or Legs: Just the perfect chicken recipe if you want to have something that is crispy. The chicken cooked in the oven gives the perfect finish.

·        Pulled Chicken Tacos: Chicken breasts and thighs are apt for this preparation which is fast and easy to prepare. It takes less time and the poaching liquid is spiced with Mexican seasonings which are really delicious.

·        Roasted Chicken Thighs with Brussel Sprouts and Pears: If you are health conscious then this recipe works the best. The chicken thighs are roasted and prepared with sprouts which are rich in protein.

·        Chicken thighs dipped in Creamy Mushroom Sauce: This sauce tastes the best and is less spicy but you get a very delicious gravy. Use boneless chicken breasts to get the flavor of the sauce dipped chicken.

·        Basic chicken with pesto cream Sauce: Pesto is a very different and fantastic ingredient and the combination of pesto and heavy cream makes a very tasty sauce which you can have with your chow.

·        Crockpot White Chicken Chili: Chicken Chili is a very lovely meal with slices of crusty French bread and you should use chicken thighs for this as they are juicier and add flavor to it.

We have more such recipes but we hope that you have found your special dish from these! If you have loved our content reach us on Assignment Writers for more such contents. Do not forget to take our assignment help service as this will help you highly in scoring marks.


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