Acrylic Sheet Is the New Glass

Do you remember using orange is the new black saying ever? Whenever anyone had to tell that they like a color, they used to say it like this, since black has always been the best of all colors, this saying basically meant that some color has replaced black or has become an equally favorite color as black. We just twisted it a bit, maybe not just a bit but anyways, what we meant with this title was that acrylic sheets have taken over glass completely. Glass has a look that attracts us all, of course, but they are also very fragile and break into pieces even at minor inconveniences. However, we never bothered about all this; we were good with glasses even if they broke, even if they wanted more care from us whatsoever. Until very recently when acrylic sheets were invented and took the world by storm. They look just like glass; you can’t tell even a minor difference with your eyes. The reason for their popularity in such a short time in the presence of their greatest competitor, glass, is that they are not fragile like glass and are very lightweight. They can handle great impact, and their application is extremely diverse; that being said, here are some of the acrylic sheet applications:

Applications Of Acrylic Sheets:

  • Submarine Windows:

In the past, we have witnessed a number of submarine meeting accidents that resulted just because their window glass broke. Therefore, due to these submarine glass windows, there were a lot of restrictions associated with how deep can a submarine go. However, as the acrylic sheet was made, they were said to withstand greater impact in comparison to glass. Therefore, submarine windows were then being made with acrylic sheets; they did not only offer better clarity than glass but also possessed great water-resistant properties.

  • Airplane Canopy:

The pilot sitting in the cockpit needs to see outside clearly; thereby, glass canopies were formed. However, glass wasn’t weather resistant and could shatter very easily; thereby, when acrylic sheets were made, they replaced glass from the airplane canopies. Now acrylic sheets are used to make airplane canopy; they offer a clear view, are weather-resistant, shatter-resistant, and provide better aerodynamics than glass.

  • Crafting:

Acrylic sheets are being used for making crafts; these art enthusiasts have incorporated acrylic sheets into their crafts in such unique ways that we could never think of. Some crafts are so easy to make that anyone can try making them at home, like you can make an acrylic photo frame. All you would need to do is to get some acrylic sheets from any plastic acrylic sheet supplier, a glue gun, and pictures in hardcopy. You will just have to place a picture in between two acrylic sheets and then stick them together with the glue gun, and your acrylic photo frame is done. 

  • Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors look fascinating, but you know how much care they need; even if you would close a cabinet door fast, the glass will break into pieces. Therefore, now people are experimenting with acrylic sheets for their kitchen cabinets, and so far, the results have been overwhelming. They look exactly like glass and are very easy to maintain.


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