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Apple Watch is a very luxurious hand wear if we see in the market. It will cost you around 20,000 to 30,000 if you purchase series 3. But why it costs so much? Well, it have many tech features that are easy to use and understand like picking call or Apple Watch Water Lock Feature to remove water from Apple Watch. So we are going to discuss in this article about should you wear Apple Watch while swimming.

Why it is safe to wear Apple Watch in the Swimming Pool

For swimming, you can wear the Apple Watch. The case of the watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. However, you should not use it for diving and snorkeling. It will get wet. If it gets wet, you can rinse it under running water. Similarly, you should not swim in the sea. The salt in the water can speed up the corrosion of the components. You should wear a watch that is water-resistant to protect your Apple Watch.

While there is no standard regarding the water-resistance of an Apple Watch, the Series 2 and the Series 3 are made for swimming. For swimming, the Series 3 and 4 are excellent choices. These watches have greater water resistance and water lock, making them an ideal choice. If you accidentally drop your Apple Watch into water, you can activate the phone’s Water Lock feature to lock the screen and prevent damage to your device.

You can also wear it when showering. It’s waterproof in the case of the iPhone, so don’t worry about accidental tapping. As long as you don’t swim with the Apple Watch, it’s safe to use in the water. If you’re doing it while swimming, it’s best to get an iPhone with a waterproofing feature.

Why it is not safe to wear Apple Watch in the Swimming Pool

To ensure the safety of the device, you should not swim with your Apple Watch while using it. This could cause damage to the device’s waterproofing. A saltwater pool can cause your watch to lose its waterproofness. If you are unsure whether your Apple Watch is suitable for swimming, check with your instructor. If you don’t have the appropriate safety equipment, don’t risk it. Its features can be useful for you, but you should never let your device fall into a pool.

Most models of the watch are water-resistant, but extreme sports such as swimming or diving can damage the watch’s components. Although the device can handle water, it isn’t recommended for users who are taking part in extreme activities.

Can you wear Apple Watch in Saltwater?

You can wear the Apple Watch when swimming in saltwater pools. The Series 1 and 2 are not swimproof. Its rubber and metal parts are vulnerable to saltwater, which can scratch the device. While you can use the Series 2 in saltwater, it’s best to avoid the saltwater in pools. A saltwater pool can also be dangerous to your Apple Watch, so take precautions before using it in such water.

  What to do when water entered the Apple Watch

In the event you drop your Apple Watch, the touchscreen will stop responding. To exit the water, swipe up or down until you see a water drop icon. If you don’t want to get your watch wet, use the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and remove any water that’s on the speaker. You can also rotate the crown to remove the water. When the water is expelled from the screen, the device will beep, which will shut off the speaker. You can then reactivate the screen.


Now we hope that you can make your own decision whether you want to take your Apple Watch in the Swimming Pool or not. Keep in mind that Apple Warranty does not cover the water damage if the hardware is broken or something. Share this article with your friends who are thinking to purchase Apple Watch or any other Apple Product.


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