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Some Astonishing PUBG Tricks for new in the Game

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PUBG is a multiplayer online game. As a beginner, it may seem intimidating to play this game. But you don’t need to be intimidated. Here are a few Best PUBG beginners tips to help you succeed.

 PUBG is a game that challenges you to survive as long as possible. Your score is directly related to the length of time you spend alive. So, the longer you can last, the higher your score will be. If you’re a newcomer to PUBG, it can be difficult to get ahead. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that can help you have a successful game.

Unleashing Top 6 pro pubg tips and tricks

  • Carry sufficient health kits

As a beginner, the most important tip is to carry a lot of consumables. In the game, you’ll need to heal yourself frequently or you’ll find yourself stuck in a play zone. So, be sure to keep a lot of medkits and bandages on you. Painkillers and energy drinks are the best way to boost your health.

  • Carry enough health boosters

The best way to survive the game is to keep your health high. A good way to do this is to buy health boosters. These will give you an extra boost of life when you need it. Also, it’s important to know about vehicles. It helps if you can use protective armor or smoke. If survival is your first priority, you’ll be able to make it to the top 10 quickly.

  • Third tip – Use the right strategy

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginner Players can help you get a competitive edge. Using the right strategy and best pubg graphic card settings will help you gain a higher score. Keeping yourself safe is essential. You need to avoid being spotted in open areas. A good headset will help you hear any door that opens. The longer you stay alive, the better. With the right skills, you can dominate your opponents and win the game.

  • Use the vehicle only if needed

Using vehicles when not required is another crucial mistake for PUBG beginners. While vehicles are useful to get around, they give away your position on the map. If your opponent is close, it will alert them and light up your area. It’s a bad idea to use vehicles unless you absolutely have to. It’s not a good idea to ride in a vehicle if you don’t need to.

  • Your gun should always be reloaded

One of the most important PUBG Tips for beginners is to remember to reload your guns! Often, beginners fail to remember to reload their guns after shooting a few bullets, which can lead to death. In order to prevent this, you should reload your guns after every few hours. Ensure that your enemies don’t know when you’re reloading.

  • Never play SOLO in beginning

PUBG is an excellent game to play with a large number of friends. But it can be fatal if you’re not careful. You should also best pubg youtuber live stream which will definitely help you to play like a professional player. Having an ally or two with you will save your life. And a teammate will be a good friend to have. They will help you survive if you are not hurt. But make sure you don’t go alone. If you don’t trust them, you won’t have much chance of winning.


We hope that now you can win more chicken dinners with your PUBG Teammates like the other Professional PUBG Players with the help of these tips and tricks for beginners. Share this article with your friends with whom you want to play PUBG.



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