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In the past hundred years, the design of bathrooms has come a long way. Once, the bathroom was just used to take baths and had a bucket of water in it. Now, the bathing experience has become luxurious. Back in the past, the bathroom was a privilege for the wealthy, but now, it is a necessity for every person.

A trend leads to the mass production of new bathroom items. For example, we can easily find out beautifully designed printed bath bomb boxes and soapboxes. The reason is that the manufacturers of these items understand how stylish the bathrooms can be. So, they design these boxes very consciously. Right now, various kinds of bathroom styles exist, but Edwardian and Victorian styles are still some of the most popular choice people.

Thanks to modern plumbing and advanced technology, bathroom designs have evolved as much as they can. We can even install a luxury steam room or hydrotherapy room in it. It is impossible to make bathrooms more sophisticated than that.

Here in this article, we discuss the four most popular bathroom designs among people now.

Traditional Design Bathroom

The traditional bathroom is one of the most common designs that we can see in every house. It can be an Edwardian or Victorian. It has a white bathroom with basic sanitary wares. It is one of the classic designs that are inspired by Edwardian Bathrooms.

Over the last decade, the trend of classic bathrooms has seen an upsurge due to classic TV shows. But this design is also supported by the modern-day plumbing system. There are many opportunities to modify this kind of bathroom style in the future if you want to.

It has a curtain over the bathtub, so if you want to live in a modern house, It is a bathroom style for you. It is suitable for a cottage or villa that is up in the country. Even the studio apartments are considered the best choice for traditional-style bathrooms.

The most appealing thing in this kind of bathroom is the clutter that gives a more lived-in effect. It helps you to enhance the traditional look of your bathroom. You can even hang pictures on walls in black and gold frames to give it a classier look.

Country Style Bathrooms

It is one of the easiest styles to create if you are looking forward to renewing your bathroom. It is another classy bathroom look, but it fits only the right house. It will compliment your house if you have floral wallpapers all over with high brims and a bath canopy.

It has the check, floral, or pad curtains with a roller blind mechanism as well. First of all, people in England started using this style. It offers you great privacy and adds a classic country effect to your bathroom. This bathroom design also requires phenomenal woodwork. It will sit perfectly with all of your furniture. You can use wood like maple, ash, and oak for vanity and cabinets.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Style

Shabby chic design bathroom is a relatively new term in interior design, a mix of carelessness and style. It is one of the most difficult bathroom designs and requires a bold decision to adopt this bathroom style. It is certainly the best-looking home in continental Europe, whether a castle in France or an ancient villa in Spain.

The shabby chic appearance is opposite to the prefabricated bathroom. It is composed of a mixture of various styles and products. You can even do some unexpected things, such as putting a refrigerator in the corner. Nothing needs to be adjusted, and the water pipes and pipes are visible, not hidden. This style is best for those who have inherited a bathroom and want to clean it up a bit, rather than spending money on a brand-new bathroom interior.

As with rustic and traditional bathrooms, cast iron bathtubs are a must. You can choose either a roll or slipper bathtub. Although you do not want any holes or rust, it looks as worn as possible. You can even use sandpaper to polish the surface and claws. It is always worth looking for old faucets in antique shops and flea markets.

In this environment, it is strongly recommended to use countertop sinks. With that, you need to find particularly fancy and gorgeous designs. Put it on the dressing table or worn-out dressing table cabinet. Add unique decorations and an antique framed mirror.

Modern Style Bathroom Designs

The key to the decoration of a Modern style bathroom is neutral tones and some dark colors. For the walls, choose a matte or smooth wall color. Light gold and yellow are particularly good, as are wallpapers with floral or lattice patterns. You can check out the colors before applying them to your bathroom. Many businesses have their color templates printed on a book by custom printed boxes manufacturers.

Your modern style bathroom mostly consists of the latest technology that includes your toilet, shower, and even your mirror and cabinets. This style mostly depends upon the latest technology rather than any design and craft. It is one of the costlier bathroom designs to install in your home.


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