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Just think: every year, the beauty industry introduces hundreds of thousands of new beauty products. Store shelves are bursting with a wealth of choice, and one “revolutionary” tool replaces another faster than you have time to use it up. In fact, only a few effective cosmetics products from famous brands have made a real revolution in the world of beauty. And today we will talk about several cult beauty products of all time.

Mascara Diorshow

The Big Volume mascara from eveline is the first mascara with a huge brush that gives the eyelashes unrealistic volume. Like any cult thing, Diorshow has its own legend. Allegedly, the makeup artist of the brand, Pat McGrath, at one of the shows, could not achieve the desired result in any way and made up the model’s eyelashes with a toothbrush. The idea seemed to be in the air – after that, the Dior brand began to produce mascara with a brush for super fluffy eyelashes.

These legendary balls from Gabrini  are something between a powder and a highlighter. The first “meteorites” appeared back in 1987, since then they have remained unchanged – only pretty metal jars that have already become a collector’s item change. The tool creates an almost invisible radiant veil on the face and smells wonderfully of violet – for this we love the cult bestseller Guerlain.

“Touch of the Light” is the translation of the name of this iconic brush-corrector, which is in every second fashionista in the world. The tool is so cool that it has “shone” in Hollywood films more than once, and its laconic packaging has remained recognizable and unchanged for many years. The corrector will get rid of  circles under the eyes , redness and small pimples – in a word, an absolute must-have.

Lipstick Russian Red from MAC

“Red Russian” – this flawless scarlet shade of MAC lipstick is considered a cult. And not only because the lipstick is of excellent quality and absolutely classic color, but also because Madonna considers this cosmetic product her favorite. They say that the singer has been faithful to Russian Red for 20 years!

Dual Finish powder from stageline

Such a powder was in your mom’s cosmetic bag back in Soviet times , and you also have such a powder – the eternal classic Dual Finish from Lancôme. Epochs have changed, fashion has changed, and, of course, the packaging of your favorite product has changed, but the essence of the best cosmetics product remains the same – a light matte powder with a pleasant aroma will always save you in a situation where a treacherous oily sheen has appeared on your face.

Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline New York

More than 40 years ago, in 1971, this hit from Maybelline New York went on sale – Great Lash Mascara. Then she was in the arsenal of every makeup artist, and in the late 90s – in the cosmetic bag of every Russian girl. You probably remember her too! Mascara does not lose ground even today – for the simple reason that it is completely “nothing”. But not in a bad way. It’s just that this tool is the most common mascara, moderately lengthens, stains, does not crumble. No frills and dizzying volume – just eyelashes, natural black eyelashes.

Shellac by CND

Today we call shellac any resistant nail coating that is fixed with ultraviolet light. In fact, Shellac is a unique CND product that has changed our understanding of manicure. The first development of gel polish began back in 1979, but it took scientists another good 20 years to bring the product to mind. And cheers! Now we can not worry about the fact that the varnish will chip, because it will not go anywhere until you yourself want to remove it.

Clinique 3-Step Cleansing System

This miracle system, which you have probably tried, is an absolute bestseller of the Clinique brand, and it has remained unchanged since 1968! Apparently, perfection simply does not require any adjustment – the facial cleansing kit includes mild soap, lotion and milk. And nothing else is needed!

Original Lip Balm 

The best and most popular lip balm of all time was invented in 1937 by the American brand Carmex. Since then, this cosmetic care product has become one of the most popular in the world. The balm not only perfectly moisturizes, but also heals small cracks. Run to the pharmacy if you haven’t bought it yet!

Nivea Universal Cream

Nostalgia … Nivea cream, which was (yes, it was!) in every home, a blue tin familiar from childhood. A rather oily cream is suitable for everything – smear even on the face, even on the heels! It is worth noting that for all its simplicity and versatility, this makeup product is of very high quality, it really nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and does not create a greasy film.



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