Best Home Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen
Best Home Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen

Do you need help with tasks such as commercial cleaning, construction site service or hiring kitchen temps? At JACOBSENS RENGØRING Solutions, we have just what you need. JACOBSENS RENGØRING is both a professional cleaning company in Copenhagen. And a temp agency that is ready to send you a skilled temp if you suddenly find yourself missing an employee in the kitchen or the dishes, for example.

A clean office or home is just nicer to stay in. Therefore, as a Rengøringsfirma cleaning company, we also want to make it easy for you to keep everything clean. This applies whether you need to move, whether you need a permanent cleaning agreement in the office. Or something completely different. We offer a number of different types of cleaning in Copenhagen:

Do you need cleaning help? Then we move out with professional cleaning staff the same! But JACOBSENS RENGØRING is not just a cleaning company, we are also a temp agency. If, for example, you need crew hire for your construction site. For the kitchen or the like, we can also handle this. Our temps are unskilled, but make a virtue out of doing the work to full satisfaction.

we are a professional cleaning company that offers all types of cleaning to private and business in JACOBSENS RENGØRING and JACOBSENS RENGØRING . If you do not want to spend time cleaning in private, we are happy to do it for you. We have experience from private homes as well as large companies and can therefore handle all kinds of cleaning tasks.

If you are looking for a competent Rengøringshjælp cleaning help that knows how to reach all corners and surfaces and clean shiny, we are the right company for you. We are cheap, thorough, and extremely careful in everything we do, so you get done efficiently clean all over. Whether you are looking for private cleaning or commercial cleaning, we provide high quality. We bring with us all the cleaning products and tools that we need to do the job efficiently and thoroughly. So you do not have to do anything other than order our cleaning company in the first place.

What does private cleaning cost? The same price applies to both private and business. But when you order us as your cleaning company to handle a task. You typically get the same employee out every time who knows your home or business. How to get the best cleaning and the best service.

We know how important a healthy and comfortable indoor climate is. And how big a role it plays for human well-being – both in the workplace and in our homes. That is why we always focus on contributing to a good indoor climate. We believe that satisfied employees deliver the best effort. Therefore, we focus on offering Rengøring with our employees a good and safe workplace with orderly pay. And employment conditions and have chosen to have an agreement.

Contact us for a more detailed agreement

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company for cleaning one or more times a week. You can contact us for a non-binding offer. It is entirely up to you how often this is the case, as we focus on your wishes and needs. You can call us on telephone +45 4880 9952 for a more detailed appointment.


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