Do I need to update bios out of the box? We all face such things as buying a laptop computer or a Marine board. 
In case of incorrect operation of the device, it is better to update this applies to all equipment.
Well, there are those cases when you bought a motherboard, for example, with an Intel (X) 2016 processor, everything worked and suddenly you wanted to install another processor, for example: Intel (XX) 2018. Well, something went wrong, the computer gives a black screen and reboots.
It’s in the bios!
Before installing the processor, we go into the CPU-Z or BIOS program, we look at the version, then we go only to the official site, we look at the latest version, we download it, or we use the utilities of which there is a wide variety on modern PCs.
I recommend you to use only official sites, not any mods or any driverpacks, only from the official site.
If you bought a motherboard, for example: 2017 with the first version of the BIOS and a 2019 processor, go to the manufacturer’s website, find the motherboard model, look for support. Everything fits the parameters, but there is no way to install it, then I recommend that you contact the server center.
But I want to note that after the update, the settings will be thrown off by default and there may be problems with starting Windows.
To sum up all the pros and cons
+ You will have a new version with the latest device support
+ New functionality can be added
+ The version will be free of bugs and the like

-If you install it incorrectly, you can get a brick from the device, there can be many reasons, for example:
-Downloaded from an unofficial site with a virus
-Incorrectly recorded the image -Used
during firmware -The device turned off when flashing from the power supply
-Bad connection to the USB port
If everything is done correctly, there are problems will not be guided by trusted sources.
When buying a new motherboard and processor, it is better to check on the spot with the seller, the service may be paid, but at the same time you will be sure of the performance and will not waste your time and money in vain!
Good luck with the upgrade for your iron pet!


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