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Branded workstations from Dell, Lenovo and HP are powerful computers designed for professionals. Often, their cost is decently overpriced, and, for the money that is asked for them, you can assemble a high-performance computer, the power of which is enough for any job.

Our assembly is addressed to those who work with databases, perform complex calculations, and deploy virtual machines. With some reservations, our assembly can also be advised to designers who should also familiarize themselves with assembling a computer for a graphic designer .

Processor: Intel Core i9-10920X
The heart of our build will be the Intel Core i9-10920X. In addition to a large number of cores (12), the LGA2066 platform has another key feature – a four-channel RAM mode. AMD solutions also have a place to be, but when it comes to specialized software, Intel shows the best results and compatibility in most cases.

Motherboard: ASUS WS X299 PRO
As a motherboard, we will use ASUS WS X299 PRO, which was created specifically for workstations. The presence of 8 slots for RAM makes it possible to painlessly increase its volume. In addition to having all the necessary interfaces (even U.2), the WS X299 PRO has small but nice features. For example, heatsinks for M.2 drives.

Motherboard ASUS WS X299 PRO
Body: Be quiet! PURE BASE 500
A working computer is designed primarily for solving certain tasks. This means that the case should also be purely utilitarian: concise and ventilated. Let’s stop at PURE BASE 500 from Be quiet! In addition to the strict appearance, the case has sound insulation and the ability to install up to five 140 mm fans.

housing be quiet! PURE BASE 500 [BG034] black 8 199 *
Video Card: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 Super WINDFORCE OC
A number of professional tasks require a discrete graphics card. Let’s focus on the GeForce RTX 2060 Super from GIGABYTE, the performance and memory of which should be enough for most tasks. Of course, we are not talking about heavy 3D rendering, which requires a powerful graphics subsystem.

CPU cooler: be quiet! DARKROCK PRO 4
A powerful processor needs powerful cooling. DARK ROCK PRO 4 from be quiet!, built on the basis of seven heat pipes, is able to cool the processor with heat dissipation up to 250 watts. And large fans will not create unnecessary noise that can distract from the work process. Therefore, for our Intel Core i9-10920X, the DARK ROCK PRO 4 cooler is a worthy option.

CPU cooler be quiet! DARK ROCK PRO 4 [BK022] 9 499 *
RAM: G.Skill AEGIS 16GB x 4pcs
The amount of RAM for a productive working computer should be what the budget allows it to be. Let’s stop at 64 GB, and to activate the four-channel memory operation mode, we will dial the entire volume with four 16 GB G.Skill AEGIS bars with a maximum frequency of 3000 MHz.

SSD: Samsung 970 PRO M.2 512 GB
High Performance Station – A high performance SSD. For the operating system, software and projects that are being worked on, 512 GB will be enough in the form of the Samsung 970 PRO. This flagship NWMe drive is based on Samsung’s proprietary Phoenix controller and MLC memory, which is built to last.

Samsung 970 PRO 512 GB SSD M.2 [MZ-V7P512BW] 17,299 *
HDD: Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB x 2 pcs
It is reasonable to store archival projects and back up files on a separate drive. And if there are two such drives, and they are combined into RAID 1 to minimize the risk of losing valuable files, then this is doubly reasonable. For these purposes, we need a pair of Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB, which, as already mentioned, we will combine into RAID 1.

Power supply: be quiet! DARKPOWER PRO 11 750W
The power source of our assembly will be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 750W. This is an 80 Plus Titanium energy efficient power supply with a modular cable management system. Among the features of the block, it is also worth noting a quiet cooling system that will not stand out against the general background and distract from work.

be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 750W [BN252] 17 339 *
Case fans: be quiet! PURE WINGS 2 x 2 pcs
For efficient and quiet air exchange, it makes sense to install additional fans in the case of our system unit. It already has two 140mm Pure Wings 2 installed. Let’s add two more of the same fans. We will install one above the processor cooler, the second – on the front panel. As a result, we get two supply fans on the front panel and two exhaust fans – one at the top and rear of the case.

Fan be quiet! PURE WINGS 2 [BL040] 1 495 *

  • The availability of goods and the cost of components is relevant for the city of Krasnodar.

Our build is a high performance configuration suitable for serious work and play. Although for the latter it is possible to assemble a PC for a much smaller budget and make it more balanced.

I want it cheaper!
You can significantly save the budget by assembling a system on a socket 1151-v2 with a processor, for example, Intel Core i9-9900K . But, it should be understood that such a configuration will show performance about 30% lower than a system based on the Intel Core i9-10920X. However, a bundle on 1151-v2 will save about 30,000 rubles on the processor and about 10,000 rubles on the motherboard. Whether this replacement is worth the sacrifice in the form of performance and the rejection of the four-channel RAM mode is up to you.

If you don’t need a high-performance video card for work, it makes sense to replace it with, for example, a GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER or something even simpler. This will save you about 20-25 thousand rubles.

Is 64 GB of RAM too much for you? We change four 16 GB strips for four 8 GB (in the case of LGA2066) and save about 6,000 rubles. In addition, you can save a little by taking simpler slats.

In case you don’t need a lot of space for work projects, you can forgo two hard drives and save 9000 rubles. But don’t forget about backups.

I want an upgrade!
The performance of our configuration without an upgrade is at a high level. It is difficult to unequivocally recommend something without taking into account the specifics of using a computer. If the work requires a large number of cores, then it makes sense to replace the processor with an Intel Core i9-10940X , while losing 200 MHz of the base frequency. If there is a shortage of RAM, it can be easily increased up to 128 GB by simply adding four 16 GB sticks to the free slots. Although, if the configuration requires 128 GB of RAM and is being built from scratch, it would be wiser to stop at four 32 GB sticks, leaving free slots for future upgrades. If you are working with large files, it may be worth revising the disk subsystem.


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