Cameras are fascinating tools to capture the events through photographs. At present when cameras are present in smartphones you can click a photograph anywhere anytime, however, it was not the case when cameras were initially introduced. They needed a lot of time to even click a picture. 

The functioning of the camera basically comes from the working of a human eye. It works just as the way a human eye works. The inspiration comes from the formation of images on the retina of the eye. It is the pure work of optics that made the formation of the camera possible.

Early reference

The origin of cameras can be traced back to the Greek or the Chinese. The camera used by them popularly called camera obscura could display real life events on a surface but it was limited to just that. It could not capture a still picture till the 19th century. 

It was gradually changed to capturing a picture by the French and then subsequently capturing a human being and its final printing on a paper. 

Photography roll

It was in the 1880s that the invention of photography rolls came in. It simplifies the process of photography and leads to mass usage of cameras. It was Kodak that first started a commercial business of selling cameras to the masses. People used to carry the heavy cameras along with the photography rolls and other things. They used to wait for it to roll and then click the picture only in light. The cameras later got smaller and smaller. 

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Digital revolution

With the coming of Single Lens Reflex Cameras became widely used by the public. They became cameras. Instant camera snaps gathered even more popularity. It made it an instant process to capture the picture and see it on hand. The digital cameras further revolutionized the process. DSLRs took even more sharp and clear pictures. 

As cameras became tiny they were introduced in mobile phones. Earlier it was just the back camera in the phones however the culture of selfies flourishes with the front cameras. People upload thousands of photographs and cherish them. They have been of major use other than capturing photos. 

The utility of cameras started to be used in satellites which changed the way we saw cameras. From a mere device of taking photographs it was used in more complex tools used in defense as well as geography. The use of cameras in satellites made it possible to monitor real time monitoring of areas. It also helped us in predicted weather or mapping out minerals on Earth. The use of Geographic Information Systems brought about a whole lot of opportunities that can bring a significant improvement in the lives of human beings. From making maps to defining terrain it has been used in a variety of projects.


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