Car Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen
Car Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen

Do you want to ensure that your car is worth the most when you sell it again? So start by keeping your car clean and tidy inside. The more well-maintained and near the car’s cabin appears, the greater the incentive to buy it. The more it feels like “a new car” in relation to the price, the better. In addition, getting into a car that is clean and neat inside also does something to the joy of driving – for you.

Do not give the shit a chance!

The fewer chances you give dirt and stains to get stuck, the more delicious the car is – both for yourself, but also when a potential buyer looks at it. There are many companies that offer professional Rengøring af bil indvendig ( inside car cleaning) where you also get a thorough cleaning of car seats – and where they get into all the nooks and corners that you can easily forget yourself.

But there is also something satisfying and relaxing about doing it yourself. To go and cuddle around the car in the driveway on a day when the weather is good – or inside the garage with some good music when the weather is not to be outdoors.

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A guide for the true car lovers

That’s why you get here “Car interior cleaning – do it yourself the guide for real car lovers”, in the form of a step-by-step guide to car interior cleaning.

Start emptying the car!

If you are serious about cleaning your car interior, start by removing any loose items from your car. Empty the glove compartment, cup holders, center console, luggage compartment, and remove mats. If you dare, you can ask the kids for it and promise them that all the coins and empty bottles they find are pocket money.

The really big vacuuming!

Now you’re going to war with the vacuum Rengøring af bil ( Car cleaning). Feel free to set the suction power to max, so you get the dirt that has become entangled in the textile fibers. Push the seats back and forth so you get it all in, and put the narrow nozzle on so you can get into the narrow places and the crack between the seat and backrest. If necessary, check before vacuuming. There may be a nice subsidy for the pension stored here – or for the children’s pocket money. Also be thorough with the vacuum cleaner in the trunk. If you have a spare wheel compartment under the bottom of the boot, open it and vacuum here. The dirt you did not find in the car has often been hidden here.

Get rid of dog hair!

If you have a dog, you know how well such hair can settle in the car’s textiles. A good tip is to spray water on the area with hair. Use an atomizer. Then scrape over the area with a squeegee for the windows. Then the hairs gather more easily and you can vacuum them over.

Clean the floor mats!

You can choose to simply vacuum them, but if you really want them clean, follow these steps:

  1. Vacuum the mats
  2. Wet them with warm water.
  3. Scrub with dish soap and a stiff brush.
  4. Rinse the soap off and let the mats dry.

Wipe off dust and dirt!

Use a plain lint-free dishcloth and a bucket of warm water with dish soap. If there are more stubborn stains of grease or dirt, rub it with a drop of dishwashing detergent and let it sit for a while. The dirt loosens after a few minutes, and then the cloth takes the rest.

Get right into the hooks!

Once the large surfaces are clean, it’s time to get into the small places. Use an old toothbrush and, if necessary, supplement with a bottle cleaner or cotton swabs for the really tight places. The toothbrush is also ingenious for scrubbing the seams in the seats.

Windows and mirrors!

Wash all windows with plain soapy water. The soap dissolves grease and dirt on the windows. Sand after with a glass cleaner. It just gives the extra experience of having been thorough and the result gets a little better. A little tip is to use the toothbrush from before to scrub around the lists. You can choose to polish the inside of the windows with a dry cloth with a drop of dishwashing detergent to avoid fogging on the inside of the windows.

Care for moldings and surfaces!

Once the car is being cleaned, you can start caring for vinyl and rubber. The Bilvask københavn ( Carwash copenhagen) and dry rubber strips must have silicone, so you avoid the strips drying out and being able to. When you take care of them, you can also use the opportunity to go for rust. Give the strips silicone until they no longer suck, and wipe the silicone away if anything has hit past the rubber strips.

If necessary, give the vinyl surfaces a care product. Be aware that you can get care products that make it shiny, and something that keeps it matte. Just so you choose the right one.

Cleaning of fabric car seats!

Once the seats have been vacuumed, and you have given the seams a go with the toothbrush, you can already see a significant improvement. If you want to give the seats, even more, love, you can decide to use a foam cleaner or a good old house remedy that is both cheaper and more effective. If you decide a foam cleaner, spray it on the seat in an even layer, let it sit for a few minutes (check the instructions for use, as the operating time may vary), and then vacuum the seat. More stubborn stains need to be rubbed with a cloth in some cases.


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