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There are basically two types of video surveillance systems, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) also known as analog, and IP Cameras also known as network cameras. Both CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras transmit video to the desired destination. IP and Analog CCTV Camera prices in Greensboro are different.

CCTV Camera converts the video signal to a format that can be used by television, VCR, or DVR. IP Camera converts the video signal into an IP packet to be transmitted over the data network or internet to a network storage device such as a server, NVR, or by storing onboard the camera. The IP system has the added benefit of using the network devices which can expand the range of the IP cameras that of a CCTV Camera system. Best CCTV Cameras in Greensboro NC are in demand.

IP Cameras VS Analog Cameras

When comparing CCTV vs IP camera systems both have advantages and disadvantages. CCTV Camera has had a lower initial price point when compared to IP systems which are expensive. However rapidly changing as IP cameras and storage devices have shown a continued decline in prices. The total cost of ownership of a CCTV system is actually higher when compared over the life of the system. Analog CCTV Camera price in Greensboro is cheaper rather than IP Cameras.

One of the factors helping to reduce the cost of an IP system is the cost of cabling. CCTV uses coax and a power cable while an IP camera uses standard network (Cat 5 or Cat 6) cabling, thereby reducing the cabling cost compared to CCTV.

Another IP Camera advantage is that the capabilities of IP are far better than of an analog system. IP Cameras today have a much higher resolution than CCTV Cameras. The higher resolution of IP cameras results in a much larger field of view when compared to analog cameras. This means you can reduce the number of cameras required to view specific areas by using IP Cameras, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership. It can take as many as six analog cameras to view the same area as one, 2megapixel IP Camera. CCTV Cameras in Greensboro NC at a price that people can afford them as well so.

Digital Zoom CCTV Camera

Digital zoom is another feature of an IP Camera system that is not available in most CCTV systems. Cameras give the user the ability to digitally zoom in to both live and recorded video to see the image in more detail. This allows for improved investigative research upon viewing recorded video after an incident. The more pixels you have in an image, the more you can zoom in before the image begins to break up.  It is especially useful when trying to read a license plate or recognize a person. IP cameras boast sharper, higher resolution images and more flexible features like remote zoom and repositioning.

Security360 Greensboro NC provides the best range of CCTV Cameras in Greensboro NC for residential and commercial purposes. We offer different range in CCTV Cameras like (HD, IP, and WIFI) according to premises need and requirement.

Our technicians are familiar with all kinds of CCTV Cameras and they provide complete consultancy to clients before installation. If you have owned a house and want to protect it with CCTV Cameras, you can contact us and our team visit you and give you a complete proposal. We give you detail that which camera will be located in different places according to the requirement because CCTV Camera should be fixed as per place to best work like we can’t fix the dome camera outdoor because it’s made for indoor so every camera has its own place. IP cameras boast sharper, higher resolution images and more flexible features like remote zoom and repositioning.


Expansion of a CCTV Camera system can be costly due to the typical limitation of a DVR in a CCTV Camera system. Most DVR is restricted to 4, 8, 16, or 32 IP cameras and to expand beyond that required purchasing another DVR. With an IP video system, a user can add additional storage to what was originally purchased. This allows for the expansion of the system without a major purchase. The cost for hard drives has decreased over the last few years making storage a minimal cost when reviewing the cost of the entire system.


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