contemporary decor

The contemporary home decor relies on noble materials and sober colors. You can easily bring an elegant touch to your interior. 

The imposing furniture in the contemporary home decor

The massive table

In your contemporary interior, you can opt for modern and imposing furniture. Indeed, in this style, we favor large objects and we avoid adding unnecessary decoration. Thus, you can opt for a raw wood table or a white or black table that will recall this decorative style.  You can choose to place it in your living room if you have enough space or in your kitchen.

The designer sofa

The sofa is one of the centerpieces of modern contemporary decor. Indeed, for the development of a contemporary and modern living room, you can choose a gray, white or black sofa that will highlight this space. Give preference to low sofas, which blend more easily into the room and do not visually cut the space.

It is also possible to add cushions in neutral shades to add contrast or more colorful cushions in small touches. The plaid can also be added for a cocooning touch in your contemporary home decor.

The modern cupboard, sideboard or console

Stately furniture can be found in any room of your home. So, opt for a nice sideboard in your living room or a console table in your bedroom or bathroom. They can be of different materials, metal or wood for example. They can also mix these two materials to create a unique and designer piece of furniture.

Noble materials in contemporary decor

The contemporary style favors noble materials that add a modern touch to your interior. You can choose materials such as copper on your decorative objects for example. However, it is important to add some in small touches so as not to make this space too overloaded.

We find some objects in the contemporary home decor, in small touches. Bet on frames in sober colors in your bathroom, living room or even in your bedroom. Trinkets are often in black metal in order to remain in a certain sobriety.  

The touches of wood are also found on your objects or furniture. We find light wood but also dark wood. You can also bet on black or white leather which highlights the design style in your interior. This material is often found on the armchairs and seats of the house. 

In contemporary home decor, there are also a few touches of gold, whether on the suspensions, mirrors or decorations of all kinds. In your bedroom, for example, you can place a wall decoration or a mirror in golden hues above your bed to highlight this space. It is also possible to add a touch of wood.

Soft colors in your contemporary interior

Integrate soft colors into your interior

  • Bet on furniture painted in beige or white to add soft hues to your contemporary interior.
  • Add chairs in neutral colors such as beige or khaki green which allows you to add a touch of color that is always rather neutral.
  • Bet on light colored walls to bring out the brightness of your space. This makes it easy to gain light.
  • Opt for cushions and cushions in soft colors, always in soft colors such as beige, light gray or white.

Add light shades to your contemporary home decor to make your space bright and warm.

Discreet touches of color

Color is not prohibited in the contemporary style. On the contrary, one can opt for bright colors in order to contrast with the neutrality of the whole. Thus, you can choose furniture in brighter colors such as mustard yellow or water green for example. There is also royal blue or fuchsia pink. Go for models here!

We can bet on more discreet bright colors thanks to decorative objects such as vases or cut flowers for example.

The voluminous chandeliers, the modern asset

The glass chandelier

The chandeliers can be glass or even metal in the contemporary interior. There are round or very straight shapes and very imposing lights. This is the centerpiece of the room, the object to be highlighted. It is often found in glass in the living room or bedroom. You can choose its size according to the area you have. It is important not to choose too large a chandelier in too small spaces. Prefer thin and very elongated chandeliers so as not to weigh down your ceiling.

The metal chandelier

The metal chandelier is found everywhere. Indeed, it remains very easy to associate with the rest of the decoration due to its dark color. You can thus choose a chandelier in length which extends, this form adapts ideally to smaller interiors because it does not cut the space.

Thus, you can match this style of chandelier with a few table lamps in your space to gain brightness. Metal and glass can be combined to create an ultra modern and designer chandelier.

Opt for the original chandelier

You can also choose a chandelier with an original shape or color to add this unique touch to your contemporary home decor. Indeed, this object is the essential piece of the contemporary style, it must therefore be highlighted and brought out.

There are original shapes that are more rounded or more rectilinear. The colors also make the difference. You can choose bright colors or white which is very little used on chandeliers in contemporary decor.

Add relief to walls and floors

Contemporary tiling in your rooms

Whether on the floor or on your walls, you can add relief thanks to the materials. Indeed, it allows you to add a touch of modernity to all your rooms. In your bathroom, opt for large slabs which require less maintenance than small ones and add that modern effect to your space. 

Opt for parquet

Parquet adds a more natural touch to a contemporary interior. You can find this floor style in all your rooms. In your bathroom, it adds originality. You can also opt for this type of floor in your bedroom for a cocooning touch in your space. It is possible to choose light parquet to create contrast in a fairly dark room or, conversely, choose darker parquet in a lighter contemporary space.

Choose waxed concrete

Polished concrete goes perfectly with the contemporary style. It can be found in his bathroom to bring a touch of modernity. In your living room, you can bet on a complete wall to bring a touch of relief to your interior. Polished concrete is also found on the floor, especially in the kitchen. In addition to being very easy to maintain, it brings character to your room.


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