Before covid, we need to clean our homes, offices and also furniture and couch, but now It is really important because we can’t live without disinfection. Covid has swallowed up many lives. We have no awareness of cleaners before their arrival. with the passage of time, we learned that we cannot survive without cleaners.

Our hands are is the basic source of spread infection if we touch the surface or sofa the virus spread. The best thing for us is to stay home. But we can’t be strict in our lives, we need to eat food for this purpose. We go shopping and come with viruses and sit on the sofa and virus infection has been started. Mostly our fabric gathers covid and then we sit somewhere is also spreading viruses.

This cleanliness has not only limited our homes and furniture but has also changed the way we live. There is no doubt that we should care about house and sofa cleaning, but we will do it today on a topic so that we can understand this well. In our daily life routine, we use sofa and couches for sitting, but never care about its cleanliness during daily cleanness.

Vacuum the Couch:

Before we use any spray or stain remover we need to vacuum our couch. In daily life, our leather sofa or fabric sofa catches so much dust and stain during watching movies, eating popcorn, making soup, and also drinking something. We didn’t care we sit on the sofa we had just done our work and don’t care at all. It is quite important before a vacuum we examine the stains and then should start vacuuming them.If the sofa gain stains and that is irremovable we should just all over the sofa and we should apply some Diy or stains removal detergent.

Natural ways to get the odor out of a Couch:

If we do not properly give attention after some time our sofa catches odor. For this purpose, we need some ingredients to apply on surfaces. Take one teaspoon of baking soda, white vinegar, and warm water and mix it well and then directly apply to the stain and leave for 10 minutes after ten minutes remove it

And after the dryness of the sofa spays, some fresh odor is removed.  You can also Activate Charcoal but you need to know which martial of your sofa. when your get free from cleaning of sofa then spray on the sofa which remains fresh. When we sanitize our homes we clean all over homes, but still, there remains our bug. So we need spray for this purpose.

Spray on Couch:

After cleaning if you want to use disinfection spray, then you make sure the spray will not harm your coaches or sofa. Just some part of spray-on the couch and then look. Does it suitable for the sofa, then spray overall and let it stay some time. Wipeout surfaces with a towel.


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