About CNC Intel

CNC Intelligence was founded by Cyber Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery, and Offshore Legal Experts. With more than 40 years of expertise in each of these areas, they came together to create an exclusive Cyber and Crypto Intelligence Group that is focused on delivering outcomes.

Utilizing the most recent Cyber instruments, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT) with cutting-edge technologies and Cyber Tools that we offer Actionable Intelligence to our clients.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, CNC Intelligence has its Cybint Operations Center in Rehovot, Israel, and its Global Investigations Head Office in Orem, Utah.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracing and Recovery by CNC Intel

As cryptocurrencies slowly but surely move past the status of online collectibles/interesting financial experiments, scammers, thieves, and hackers redouble their efforts to siphon digital currency out of the pockets of rightful owners.

In 2018, researchers estimated that within the crypto-related sector that legitimate actors lost about nine million in digital currency due to the theft of digital assets every day. The problem is likely to have become more severe since then.

The rise of crime related to crypto has led to a surge in demand for methods to track stolen digital assets, track the perpetrators, and retrieve the money. “Regular” hackers, thieves, and cyber-crime criminals provide the top of the cap when concerns fraud related to crypto.

It has been proven through experience that improper transfer of funds from bankrupt debtors to arbitration and judgment creditors are also a way to commit cryptocurrency scam recovery.

cryptocurrency scam recovery

Steps of Steady Growth:

The cryptocurrency industry will only begin to take the steps of steady growth by widespread adoption if there are reliable methods to aid in private dispute resolution, as well as the tracing of crypto-assets and recovery.

Distributed ledger is the technology which the majority of digital assets utilize. Along with the uncertain legality of this new asset class, which hinders the use of robust mechanisms.

To be able to use Bitcoin tracking as well as recovery of the assets. They must legally be able to consider property. However, while some countries have gone ahead and given legal definitions for cryptocurrency, other countries haven’t yet done so. However, the resultant global patchwork of laws regarding how digital assets are owned has consequently, made the process of recovering digital assets into a game of legal acrobatics as well as collaborating with law enforcement agencies from all over the world.

With this in mind, it is obvious that any company that claims to provide reliable cryptocurrency recovery and tracing services must have a strong legal team. Therefore, as well as the ability to communicate, in addition to the basic technical abilities required to locate digital assets.

How Does Crypto Asset Tracing and Recovery Work?

Let’s look at the process of tracing crypto-assets and recovering.

  • Examining the movements of cryptocurrency assets.
  • Obtaining information about the culprits.
  • Initiating legal action/recovery efforts.

Investigating the Movement of Crypto Assets

In this phase of the recovery process, one should keep the fact that judges can require legal proof to prove the illegal transfer of missing assets.

Some individuals may be able to identify assets to a certain extent using free tools. However, to conduct an investigation that is successful it is essential to work with trained professionals is crucial.

CNC Intelligence Inc. can monitor over 200,000 assets in digital form so it will most likely locate any Cryptocurrency fraud recovery.

The services provided by these experts extend beyond finding the source of fraudulent transfers.

Professional investigation management capabilities provide solutions that only police agencies and intelligence professionals are able to access. You cannot achieve this level of sophistication using free tools. Open open-source tracking tools don’t reveal which Virtual Asset Service Provider has an account. Professional investigators employ police-grade, specially designed software to access such data.

Cryptocurrency fraud recovery

Certified Investigators Can Conduct High-End Cyber-Security Investigations:

Professionals are able to monitor a wide array of the digital asset. If you’re a data-driven asset recovery specialist like CNC Intelligence Inc. It is almost impossible to imagine anything out of the realm of possibility.

* The intelligence-gathering capabilities of professional cryptocurrency tracing. And recovery specialists are way beyond what an amateur can ever hope to muster. Therefore, they have capabilities that are based on human intelligence open source technology, cyber intelligence, and also financial intelligence.

The process of acquiring basic data can be one thing making heads and tails out from it. And drawing correct conclusions is a different matter. Intelligence analysis is a different field that requires the abilities and expertise of certified investigators who are professionals.

Professional investigators like CNC Intelligence Inc. are able to directly assist law enforcement agencies in tracing stolen digital assets. The investigators of CNC Intelligence Inc. take pride in being capable of actively assisting law enforcement agencies in ongoing cases. If you’re a part of the law enforcement agency, please be sure to reach out to CNC Intelligence Inc.

* The array of digital assets experts such as CNC Intelligence Inc. can track is staggering. The company is able to trace Ether/ETH and Litecoin/LTC, too as hundreds of thousands of other altcoins. They claim to be the gold to Bitcoin’s silver, Ether and Litecoin have attracted increasing attention from cybercriminals and hackers recently. Therefore, the need to keep track of these cryptocurrencies has become more urgent.

The asset recovery process requires information-gathering methods that are beyond the capabilities of a common person. Professional investigators draw conclusions from:

Analysis of Social Media

* Public records that are sourced from financial and legal databases.

Continuous monitoring of the general and dark web for evidence of assets that were fraudulently obtain.

KYC Information Gathering and Identification of the Perpetrators

To identify which target(s) in your efforts to recover You must identify the wallets used in the transfer of the stolen funds, as well as those to whom the wallets are affixed.


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