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Experts recommend exercise and other personal lifestyle modifications to relieve stress in today’s high-tech and fast-paced society. Flowers, according to behavioural studies, are an easy method to boost one’s emotional well-being. The presence of flowers elicits positive emotions, such as happiness and fulfilment, and has a far-reaching impact on social behaviour. Flowers have a direct effect on one’s state of well-being.

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The 2- to 8-inch-diameter flowers are grown in the field. Short petals encircle a giant disc. There are a variety of hues for the petal and disc white to pale or golden yellow; orange to crimson; and red to bronze. Plants with single or double flowers have thick stems to help them stand on their own. Help maintain hefty head weight by keeping sunflowers hydrated. Plant sunflowers in containers that are at least three feet high to ensure they have enough support.


There are six petals on a single flower. Varieties of flowers include lilies, double blooms, fringed petals, and parrots with ruffled feathers. White, yellow, pink, peach, orange, red, lavender, purple, and bi-colours are only some of the available shades. The vase has a seven-day shelf life.


India also exports a lot of gladioli. Gladiolus, often known as glads, get their name from the corms, which are bulb-like structures that they grow from. Glass can be found in a wide range of hues. The corms will not survive the winter if they are not dug up and preserved in mesh bags at a temperature of 35 to 41 degrees F. Despite being popular in temperate regions of India, these blooms may now be grown in various parts of the country because of improvements in growth methods.


Arriving with fully opened florets and coloured buds on the upper section is typical for these tall-spike stems. Among the available hues are shades of pink as well as purple and lavender. There are no restrictions on when you can buy Snapdragons, and they’ll last for five to ten days. Because Snapdragons are heavy water drinkers, make sure to check the level regularly.


Roses are a traditional choice because there are about one hundred different varieties to choose from. Red roses are available in a wide range of hues, from deep ruby to pale magenta. Purple and orange rose varieties are also available. Tea roses bloom to a height of three to four inches. The length of the stems ranges from 12 to 30 inches. Spray roses feature multiple blossoms on a single branch, which makes them ideal for bouquets. 

Roses can endure anywhere from four to seven days, depending on the kind. The bloom clusters on pot roses measure 2 to 3 inches across. Roses, yellow poppies, white poppies, and pink poppies, If possible, keep the display out of direct sunlight. Choose from a wide range of stunning flower arrangements by ordering online flower delivery in Pune.


An additional flower that can be seen all year long in India, but is typically planted in the late fall or winter. They give a splash of colour and vibrancy to any garden. You could have heard of them as the Valley Flowers, too!


White, yellow, orange, red, pink, and violet are some of the available hues. Depending on the kind, ranunculus can live anywhere from five to seven days. Drink plenty of water to be healthy. After removing the leaves from the stems, they can be dried by hanging them upside-down in little bunches.


There are more than 17,000 kinds of plants and animals on the globe, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Yellow with orange-red patterns, Orchid blossoms range in size from a half-inch to a foot tall. In white or purple, cattleya blooms have contrasting throats and are 5 to 6 inches across with ruffled petals. There are several varieties of Phalaenopsis, including moth and butterfly lilies in a wide range of hues. 

Three to four-inch acres of cymbidium and dendrobium flowers with a butterfly form. Cymbidiums, which are larger and have pink or red lips (depending on the species), are typically white, yellow, green, or lavender, whereas dendrobiums are usually lavender or white.


Arab Jasmine, Kundu Malligai, Arabian Jasmine, Mallika, and Moonshine are other Jasmine names. It can be found all over India, except India’s Nagarhole National Park, where it is found in abundance. This is a semi-evergreen, vining shrub that is evergreen. The Jasmine flower has a one-inch diameter, yet the plant can reach heights of 8 to 10 feet. 

The leaves of Jasmine comprise five to nine leaflets each and are oval in shape. They’re about an inch and a half to two and a half inches long. They’re generally white, with thin, trailing stems that are green and hairless. It is possible to grow Jasmine by using softwood, semi-hardwood and basic layering cuts.

In a time when society is imploding around us, even the tiniest glimmer of happiness may lift our spirits. Beautiful flowers, with their scents, colours, and symmetry, provide us a moment of respite from our troubles.


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