Email Services that Do Not Require Phone Number Verification

These days almost all email services require a phone number and email account for the two-step verification process. The mobile number and email verification help in authenticating your identity with the email service providers and give the account holder an option to recover your account if you have forgotten the password. 

But, many people still hesitate in sharing their personal contact information with the email services and which is why they are looking for email services that do not ask for phone numbers and email. 

Are you looking for an email that doesn’t require you to verify your phone number? Excellent email services with appealing user interfaces, excellent security with end-to-end encryption, and free iOS and Android apps that don’t require a phone number are all available! You are not obligated to use a shady email service.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about free email services that allow you to create email without phone number and email verification. So, read the blog and choose whichever suits you.

Free Email Services that don’t Ask for Phone Numbers and Email 

All the email service provides in this list are authentic and do not ask for any money so, you can be assure and use any one of them.

  1. Tutanota:- This email service is one of the best email services that do not ask for any phone number; and allows you to create an account that is end-to-end encrypted. This open-source email service is based in Germany and gives all its customers free storage of up to 1GB. Along with this, you will not be trouble by any advertisements while using the application.
  1. is another email service that has made sure that people can do a free email sign up without phone number. You can mage different email accounts with just one application and give you around 2GB of storage to use. You can select a domain name for yourself from all the different domain names available on this online platform. 
  1. GMX Mail:- GMX mail or Global Mail exchange is a company that is based in Germany; and has made it easier for people to create an email without a phone number. The service is very simple and easy to use and is highly secure so, you can be assure that your emails and messages will not be share at any place. Also, this email service is free of cost so, you can use it freely.
  1. ProtonMail:- Based in Switzerland, this company is one of the most famous email services; that work without a phone number and email verification. Also, the email service does not ask for a name to create an account. The open-source service is password protecte and end-to-end encrypt. The only downside is that you have a limit on the messages; that you can share daily through this email service.

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  1. Guerrilla Mail:- This email service is free and you can create a free email without phone number verification for some time. You can create an email that can be use for a single purpose and will be disposed of immediately when its purpose is serve. But, there is one single downside if someone has your inbox id can access your email account. 
  1. Mailinator:- This email service is a little different from all the others that we have given in this list. You can create an email service or you can also use an email account which is create by others. The email service also deletes all the spam mails automatically and you can be free of spammers. 

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  1. Mailfence:- This free email service is almost the same as ProtonMail. You will get protection against any spammers and hackers on this email service and also protects from outsiders. You can also use cryptography to protect your emails from other persons; but the paid version of this service is very expensive. 

Use any email service if you do not want to share your mobile number with others.

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