6 Tips for your Executive MBA Admissions interview


In plain English in no uncertain terms, it is clear that the Executive MBA application process is intimidating.

Even for professionals who have impressive record, it’s normal to be anxious prior the EMBA entrance interview. In the end, the stakes can be extremely high.

The admissions interview is an essential element of the process of applying and provides a great chance to reflect and reflect. It’s a chance to explain to the panel your background, the reason the reasons why you think an EMBA is the right choice for you, and the reason you’re looking forward to attending HEC Paris.

If you’ve been invited to an admissions interview or “jury” then you’ve completed the first step towards acceptance. There’s no way to be admitted but you’ll be sure that your resume is distinct in a highly competitive field of EMBA applicants.

In the front of your interviewers are people who attended your HEC Paris EMBA. They know exactly the challenges you face; since they had the same situation not long ago.

The admissions process is an opportunity to get acquainted with each another. It will help determine whether the EMBA program is appropriate for the prospective candidate and, in addition, to determine what the person is suited in the HEC Paris EMBA. Are they able to think for themselves? Do their diverse career goals warrant the need for an EMBA? What will the participation of the candidate contribute to the EMBA class in general?

This article will assist you in preparing for those. We’d like to offer your the greatest chance of ace your admissions interview by providing tips, information and tips from the people who are the experts–your HEC Paris admissions jury alumni panelists.

Tip 1. Be yourself

We will ask you a variety of questions to find out more about you and who you are. Our aim is to create connections with you and to believe we would’ve been wonderful to have you join our group. We often find candidates trying to give an answer that is “right” answer to questions. This frequently leads to them appear superficial, not being true to themselves and, at worst, lying. Keep in mind, our aim is to know more about you- we want to get to know the real you.

Each person is distinctive. Therefore, make sure you are distinctive. Let us know something interesting about yourself, no matter if it’s professional or personal.

Tip 2: Say goodbye to your comfort zone

The admissions committee will force you outside into your own comfort zone and will give you a great preview of what you can expect out of the EMBA experience. Keep your eyes on the ball and relax. We’re looking to find your ability to think outside the box and communicate your ideas in a clear manner. If you have any experience that’s slightly different from the norm Please share it with us. Your personal experience as a person can be an asset to those who might be a part of with you in this program. We want to evaluate your ability to share your knowledge in a non-academic way and also.

Tips 3: Take note of your presence

While we don’t expect you to wear an afghan, a elegant business attire is typically an ideal choice. Consider yourself an “executive” Dress up but not down. Your appearance also affects your surroundings. Choose an area that allows you to feel moving, talk, and move comfortably. If you’re conducting remote interviews, ensure you keep your essentials in hand and make sure you check the microphone, camera and Internet connection prior to making the interview. It’s always a good idea to carry your cell phone around in case there are any last-minute problems regarding the Internet connectivity or your laptop.

The importance of presence is also taking control of your time. The interview will last for about 1 hour, so be sure that you are able to communicate your talk points clearly and succinctly.

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Tip 4: Ask questions…

Make sure you take your time and listen Be sure to ask questions to the panel! Remember that these are former students who are able to share their personal experiences, which could be useful. Interviewers have been through your position previously and have participated in this program before. The interview provides an opportunity to ask them questions that you may have in mind regarding your program’s structure as well as its work load, and the list goes on. You are welcome to ask any questions you want!

It’s also helpful to come up with at least two open-ended questions to help you start an open dialogue and gain an idea of what the interaction with your colleagues could in the future be like. In the end, the EMBA experience is about creating and nurturing positive and meaningful interactions with the people within your group, and beyond.

Tips 5 …But Don’t get offended by our suggestions!

Don’t get defensive about our questions. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts and further develop your ideas. We would like to hear your opinion on the subject. There is no right or wrong answer, as everything is complimentary since we don’t have the same experiences.

Tip 6 Take the time to be honest with us and with yourself

I’m always looking for a candidate who is aware of their objectives and experiences and also their perceived strengths and weaknesses in an interview that are connected to the goal and project. Be sure to highlight any weaknesses or areas for development and how you believe that the EMBA can help with the candidate in that. This isn’t as formal as a job interview. the majority of EMBA applicants are on an extremely steep learning curve. This EMBA program is a extremely high-level and has a very rapid pace, covering all essential aspects in a very short period of time. Be sure to select the program that best suits your style of learning. Plan your strategies to handle the EMBA budget and work load crystal clear. It takes an enormous amount of energy and resources, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to not make the possibility of compromises.

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