Face Masks Can Protect Us from Corona More Than Anything Else

We hope the air has cleared about the authenticity of the coronavirus that whether it is real or some made-up thing. The first thing to do whenever an outbreak of virus or any other disease happens is to believe the word of doctors. Thus, what doctors have enunciated ever since corona has come is to take precautions against it as prevention is better than cure. Besides, in this case, the cure hasn’t come yet so whatever we have is prevention and only prevention. However, in that, we are not left to deal with it in whatever way we want to, but doctors have provided us with proper prevention guidelines. If one would follow these precautionary steps as it is, then it is certain that they won’t catch corona. Among these precautionary steps, the use of face masks has been stressed upon the most as it acts as our first line of defense against the virus. Therefore, only face masks are what can protect us from corona, mainly the other things like sanitizer all come after face masks. Therefore, you must not forget to wear your mask at all times; here is a list of all the face masks from which you can decide to wear one depending on the type of usage.

Fabric Mask:

We are seeing a trend of fabric masks; everyone is wearing a mask that matches their dress. However, these only keep your fashion intact but not your precaution against the virus. They are good in the sense that they do not let your droplets pass through them but still, as it has no filter or anything, it is not recommended by the doctors to be used for protection against corona. 

Surgical Mask:

Surgical masks are also known as disposable face masks as they are not supposed to be used for more than one time. One has to discard their mask every time they use it and then put on a new one. These masks are better than fabric masks and can be worn to protect yourself from the corona. However, there is still a probability of you catching the virus with this mask as not every disposable face mask exporter makes a surgical mask with layers of filters; some just use one layer of filter, and you won’t even feel the difference because both look the same. 

FFP1 Mask:

This mask is way better than surgical face masks and is guaranteed to offer around 90% protection against the virus. This mask won’t just protect you but will also help you to protect the environment if in case you are knowingly or unknowingly corona positive.

FFP2 Mask:

FFP2 face masks are almost the same as FFP1; the only difference is that they offer more protection as they are proven to offer 95% protection against the coronavirus.

FFP3 Mask:

FFP3 face masks are even better than FFP2 in terms of their protection percentage; they can offer around 99% protection against coronavirus and are considered to be the best face masks among all the other masks that are mentioned above. 


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