If you are seeing the error message ‘This Page Isn’t eligible to have a username‘, then you need to find a way to fix it. There are some conditions that you have to meet before you can enable this feature. If you meet these conditions, you can unlock this feature for your page.

Ways to Fix “This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username” Error

Make sure that you have verified your personal account on Facebook and that you have at least one post on your page. Your page must also have at least 25 likes and a verified Facebook account.

You will need to change your Facebook Page’s username to be able to use the site’s features. You must have 24 page likes and a minimum of one post before your page will be able to create a username. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to use this feature and create a username for your new page.

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You must have at least 25 page likes in order to be eligible for a username. You must also have administrative privileges. To get a Facebook page username, you must have a minimum of 25 likes and a post on your page. If you have less than 25, then the process of assigning a new administrator role is a more effective solution.

First, you must change the user name. You must assign the new administrator role to someone else. If you want to create a new page, you need to share the highest privileges with another person. This process is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve done that, login to Facebook. Once you’re on the website, select the page you want to change. Then, click the Settings option.

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If you’re unsure of the number of likes, you can use an alternate account. If you have a business page, you can use the same options. If the problem persists, you can create a new page using an alternate account. You may need to contact the Facebook support team to learn more about how to fix this issue. This error can be annoying and frustrating, but there are ways to fix it.

After completing the above steps, the next step is to change the username of your page. If you’re unable to have a username, you can choose a unique name for your page. Then, you can edit the name of your page. You’re now ready to post on your Facebook wall! You can easily update it by clicking the “edit” button at the top.

A Facebook user can have a username if they meet the requirements. However, this is not possible for users who have not fulfilled all of the requirements. If you want to create a username, you must have at least 24 likes on your page. The following steps will allow you to change the username of your page. It will be available for anyone who has administrator permissions.

If you’re an admin, you can use your admin account to change the username of your page. You must be the admin of the page. Once you’ve changed the username, you can then edit the URL for your page. If you’re not an admin, the error could occur if you’re not an admin. Once you’ve updated the URL, the error should be gone.

Bottom Line

We can change the username of your page if it’s already taken. The best way to fix this is to change the name of your page and invite other people to join the page. This is the only way to make sure that your page is not listed under the wrong name. You can also invite other users as admins. You’ll need to have an admin account to be able to change the name of your page.

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