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Are you looking for a free video downloader website from YouTube to mp3 if yes then you can easily download videos from this article. Everyone wants to download YouTube videos. So we allow you to download it for free on this website. So that you can easily watch the video after downloading.  Not only that but we also allow you to download an unlimited number of video downloads. The Yt1s website allows you to download videos in several formats.

Yt1s – Video Download

Yt1s is the best YouTube video downloader. Where people can convert YouTube videos to their desired format. You can also use it to download video audio to your device. Also, use a youtube video downloader to download the video audio of your choice.

You can also watch that downloaded video later. Can be easily downloaded in various formats like MP4, WAV, M4A and MP3. You can use any device to download from this website. Provides good and high-quality video audio. If you want to download high-size video audio, it takes a few seconds. You don’t need to install any kind of software to use this, you can just download it.


  • Multiple format support
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Without restriction ( Unlimited use )
  • Easy and Quick Download
  • Full platforms supported
  • Upload cloud

Download Process of Video Downloader:

  • Click on on the browser.
  • Open that website.
  • Type the name of the video or paste the URL in the search box of that website.
  • After that, the results are opened.
  • Then click on the convert button.
  • There click on the option of the format you want to download.
  • It will be downloaded in a few seconds.

YouTube to MP3 Downloader – YT1s

Youtube to MP3 helps you easily convert YouTube videos and audio to MP3 files. It is downloaded with just one click. Users do not need to signup or install any software to convert. Also, we convert MP3 audio video online and you can save it to your Dropbox account. Not only that but you can download an unlimited number of videos on our website.

We provide high-quality video audio. So users can get high and good quality video audio from this website. Like 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps and 320kbps. To download video audio from our website you just need to copy the video or audio URL from YouTube and paste it into the search box. Enjoy unlimited music transformation from YouTube online and in the best available quality. It is totally free and secure service.

Key Features of YouTube to MP3 Youtube Video Downloader

  • Free Instant Downloads
  • Easy conversions 
  • Convert free and unlimited
  • Download MP3 Quickly
  • Fast and easy to Download

Download Process of Youtube to MP3:

  • Find on the browser and click on it.
  • The website will open before your eyes.
  • Paste the video link in its search box.
  • After that, the results are opened.
  • Then click on the convert button.
  • There click on the option of the format you want to download.
  • It will download in a few seconds.


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