Love is in the air. The best and most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner, and that means you have to pull out all the stops like love flowers this year to show your loved ones how they are unique. 

Just because the world has been infected with a deadly plague that reanimates recently deceased bodies doesn’t mean love isn’t worth fighting for. So whether you’re single or you have your eye on someone special, here are six ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the Corona Pandemic.

Be Romantic With Games

When you’re a gamer, it can be hard to see your partner as much as you’d like. But if your significant other is also a gamer, then you can work together (or against each other) and have a good time in-game.

You could try playing an online game or two of Ratchet & Clank, Portal 2, or Uncharted 3 ! These all make for excellent team-building with loved ones—and they’re fantastic fun on their own. 

Virtual Dinner

As we do every February, many of us will flock to our computers for a Valentine’s Day meal. Whether you’re playing with friends, spending time with family, or simply finding an excuse to play more games, why not make it memorable? After all, your digital dinner doesn’t have to be bland and dreary.

Light Candles

Candles are an inexpensive, beautiful, and romantic addition to any date. Plus, they give you something nice to look at while you’re feasting on fried chicken and watching zombie-horror movies. 

As a bonus, keep your bar napkins in check by keeping them away from candlelight. No one wants singed linens and liquid scented lotion stains on their garments. You can choose to accompany them with romantic flowers.

Give Her Love Flowers

Some people say that women don’t like being bought love flowers, but it can be a great way to show your romantic side. You can make her swoon by stopping off at your local flower shop for some red roses. 

When she asks you why you went through all of that trouble, tell her that you loved watching Contagion and couldn’t help yourself. It might seem a little weird if you aren’t into movies about viruses, but we think she’ll get a kick out of it regardless. 

Invite Her on a Date

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-value gift for your special someone, look no further than dinner and a movie. Create a romantic evening by taking her out on an activity that incorporates both (or either) of these things. 

A nice dinner can be made extra special by watching one of her favorite movies while you’re waiting for your food. It does not even have to be a date night. Feel free to bring friends along, so it feels like more of a social gathering.

You find that the number of fish in the sea is more. If she already has some fish friends she wants you to meet, invite them over for a fish fry with her as your server. Fish love getting together with other fish and talking about which schools they would be most comfortable in. She will appreciate showing off how well she knows those little swimmers.

Final Words

Valentine’s day is unique, especially for love birds. It usually gives couples the best opportunity to express their love to one another. At that time, you may need some love flowers to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. There are different gift ideas that you can also use to make your partner happy. They may include dinner dates, romantic games, light candles, romantic flowers, etc.


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