rt55es as quickly as possible to show that the customer is taken seriously. It is imperative to make the customer feel like their time is value. 

A help desk software is specialised software designed to provide a one-stop point destination for the collection and management of a company’s queries submitted externally. It provides centralised information and supports management services to handle tickets raised by the customer via prioritisation, categorization, automated routing, service level management, and escalation capabilities. 

Wolken Software has a Workforce Management module integrated with its customer service solutions that permits a business to optimise the efficiency of its employees in the support team.  

Core Elements of an Effective Help Desk Software

Any software in the help desk category has the following fundamental features:

  • It has the ability to efficiently organise customer inquiries submitted externally into tickets for agents in the support team.
  • Should be able to aggregate inquiries from emails as well as the customer portal into a centralised location for easy access.
  • It is design to assign tickets to the customer support agents for prompt service.

How Does This Software Work?

A help desk software is mainly useful to the IT team of a company. The goals and processes of any help desk are defined according to the government. And the industry’s best practises such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It helps in the restoration of normal service operations as quickly as possible. And minimises the adverse effect on business operations

A help desk support software is create to provide the company with the best tools to make the customer feel value. Here’s how such software works to enhance customer experience at a company:

  • The customers contact the business through various communication media like email, phone, text, web, chat, and social media with their queries and issues
  • The customer service management system generates a ticket for each of these issues. The issues are then automatically associate with a customer’s history if applicable
  • The tickets assigned manually or automatically depending on the rules set by the business.
  • The agents start working on the tickets. They are free to collaborate with other team members for help.
  • After resolving the issue, the agent reverts back to the customer via their preferred communication channel
  • The admins of the workforce management module can create workflows and assign different levels of responsibility to agents depending on a number of factors.
  • The help desk tools make use of data through which it is possible to track customer satisfaction scores internal KPIs among and similar parameters.

Wolken’s Customer Service Solutions

Wolken Software is one of the best options when looking for service desk software. The workforce management module provided by it enables the support agents to work in an organised manner. For prompt resolution of customer inquiries. The workforce management module has the following features:

  • There’s a limit to the maximum number of cases that a support agent is allow to handle at a time. This way it is ensure that each customer’s issues are dealt with utmost sincerity.
  • The module helps in keeping track of each agent’s daily activities to streamline the flow of work.
  • A predefined flow of incoming cases helps in the auto-assignment of the cases to relevant agents. As soon as they are received by the system.
  • Wolken’s ServiceDesk software notifies the agents whenever a case is assign to them. It helps in ensuring quick responses to keep the customers satisfied.

Summing It Up

Using specialised software for the very purpose of serving your customers is a step in the right direction. When a business is growing at a rapid rate. Because as we all know happy customers are the secret to any business or venture that wants to grow scale and remain successful. 


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