In a world where there’s no assurance of genuineness and truth, where betrayal is an everyday thing, at least your plywood can be 100% genuine with the best quality and tested plywood from CenturyPromise. It is an online application that ensures a premium quality check of any kind of plywood.

Several companies manufacture plywood. Plywood goes through several stages before reaching the customer. There’s a high probability of alteration in the plywood in between these stages. The manufacturers might have shipped the best quality product, but it might not reach its correct owner. The owner might end up with the faulty product. To avoid such mishaps, you better use the CenturyPromise application. It can save you from counterfeits and enable you to own the best quality product.

What is CenturyPromise, and how does it work?

There are thousands of fraudulent plywood in the market. There were no proper legit methods to test the quality of the plywood, but now you can easily test for the best quality plywood with the help of CenturyPromise. It is an online application where you can scan the QR code that’s of a specific type for each plywood. Each plywood has an imprinted QR code upon it. You can scan that code on this application and check for the authenticity of plywood.

It’s a free application that can be used by anyone, by customers, contractors, or Architect. It is of great help, especially to the customers, so that they can stay away from getting cheated and wasting their money on fake plywood.

Why is it important to purchase high-quality plywood?

When it comes to designing your home on which you’ve spent lakhs, invested months, and took care of every single detail, then don’t end up buying cheap and low-quality plywood, just to save some money. Remember, cheap is the most expensive. Choosing high-quality plywood comes with multiple benefits.

  • Longevity and durability

Anything that assures quality assures a promise of longevity and durability. The same is the case with high-quality plywood. It comes with an assurance of long-lasting and retained quality. It will look new even after years, keeping the charm of your furniture alive.

  • Enhances your furniture

Good quality plywood takes your furniture to the next level and completely upgrades it. On the other hand, if you go for low-quality and cheap plywood, then it might even start to degrade your premium-quality furniture.

  • Warranty approved

Good quality plywood comes with a warranty, although usually, good plywood won’t cause you any trouble. Still, you have got an assured warranty approval in case you face any issues in the future.

  • Certified and legal

This is the most important point, which makes it crucial to check plywood quality. Low quality or fake plywood is not certified or legally approved, which might lead to unnecessary troubles.

Why avail of the services of CenturyPromise?

CenturyPromise is the first app in the country that checks the authenticity of plywood. It is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is scan the QR code of plywood on the CenturyPromise app and be assured of the quality of your plywood. Once you download the application and scan the QR code, you’ll be able to check all the details and information regarding the manufacturers of that plywood. Then, you can also download an e-certificate of warranty as  a customer, and it is also mailed to your registered e-mail ID. In case your scanned plywood is a fake product, then the page will show, not a genuine product.

The services by the CenturyPromise app can be availed by all, irrespective of whether you’re customer or contractor. It is a great way to avoid any scams and wastage of money. Therefore, make sure to install this application on your smartphones and use it before purchasing plywood in the future.


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