Sublimation Machine

A High Speed Sublimation Machine is a high-speed printing device with a wide range of applications. It uses a single/double/tri-axle ink jets to produce vivid images on a variety of surfaces, including textiles, hard surfaces, and soft signage. Unlike a traditional printing machine, this model offers a high production rate and a maximum print width of 72 inches.

A high-quality machine is the main component of an industrial-grade production line. Its print heads are designed for durability and are equipped with multiple colors, including white and black. The printer’s two-head design allows it to print directly on fabrics without the use of heating or corrugation. It offers a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. It has a video operation manual and professional technical staff online to provide guidance and support.

A high-speed Sublimation Machine is essential if you plan to operate a large-scale printing facility. You may be printing a few hundred or thousands of square meters per day. But if you need a more efficient machine, you can always purchase a more expensive machine and upgrade to a higher quality one. However, make sure to check if you can afford a machine with a long warranty period.

A SubliXpress High-Speed Sublimation Machine uses Drop-on-demand technology, Piezoelectric Inkjet, and an auto-feeding system. It has an output speed of 210 square meters per hour. It is also compatible with a variety of file formats and has an optional high-speed printing option. Moreover, it supports a wide range of applications. It can print on clothing, home furnishings, and sports gear.

A SubliXpress Hi-Speed Sublimation Machine is the fastest ROI 1.6m High-Speed Sublimation Printer in India. It is equipped with two industrial-grade Kyocera print-heads that print at inkjet intensities between four and 72 pl. It has a high-volume print capacity of 2000 square meters per day, allowing textile printing businesses to generate large volumes in a single day.

The ColorJet SubliXpress is India’s fastest ROI 1.6m Hi-Speed Sublimation Printer. It has 2 industrial-grade Kyocera print-heads and a print capacity of 2000 sqm per day. It is an ideal machine for a textile-printing business, with a high-volume and high-value output. And with its versatile inkjets, a ColorJet SubliXpress is an excellent choice for a busy printing studio.

SubliXpress is a high-speed sublimation machine that has several advanced features, including TST technology. With this technology, prints can be made on a variety of materials, from cotton to linen and synthetic materials. Its automatic ink-transfer system can print up to four thousand square meters a day and is a reliable investment. A SubliXpress is an industrial-grade high-speed sublimation machine that can handle a wide range of applications.

A SubliXpress High-Speed Sublimation Machine is an industrial-grade machine with a wide range of applications. It can print on almost every type of fabric. It has an infrared drying system and is capable of printing up to 4000 square meters per day. It is also compatible with most kinds of inkjet inks. Its large print volume makes it the ideal machine for printing sports gear and other personalized items.

ASUbliXpress is a high-speed machine that prints on most fabrics. It is often used in fashion apparel and sports apparel and is suitable for a variety of other applications. Besides printing on fabric, it can be used to print on many different types of objects, such as home furnishings, personalized merchandise, and more. ASUbliXpress can even be compatible with various inkjet printers.

The SubliXpress comes with infrared dryers to ensure fast drying. It is preloaded with the Colorjet edition RIP software and supports all typical dye-sublimation transfer paperweights. This machine offers unlimited creative potential and exceptional cost performance. It is an excellent choice for high-volume personalized apparel jobs. Its automatic storage area is a great convenience for users. ASUXpress is a high-quality machine with many advantages.

The 5194E digital dye-sublimation printer uses four Epson Original I3200-A1 print heads to produce the highest resolution in the industry. It is environmentally friendly and robust and can print on nearly any surface. It is available in portable, room-size, and foldable models. If you want to make a High-Quality Photo, it is an excellent investment. So, invest in a High-Speed Sublimation Machine.


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