CCTV Surveillance Cameras are proved to be a boon for society, the way they provide protection and security to the people is commendable. Seriously, we can’t appreciate them enough for the comfort and peace they bring to our lives.

You may see them everywhere, on roads, down the streets, outside of shops and home. Undoubtedly, within the last couple of years, people have kind of comprehended the importance of security systems in their lives. You can now observe the surveillance cameras everywhere, even law authorities encourage highway camera installation.

Back then, I still remember that cameras have just been applied in commercial areas, government institutes, or companies. People do not really mount these surveillance cameras in their homes. The time has changed now and so do the security needs of individuals. Now, people are extremely concerned about their safety and don’t hesitate to place security systems at their houses.

I hope that you also have CCTV camera installation at your home because today it’s extremely rare to find anyone without cameras being installed.

Regardless of the rich or middle class, everyone places cameras at their homes and it’s become a standard. So, what do you think about the significance of those systems?

If they’ve been used for all of the right reasons then why you will find people with disagreements and the government still dread them. Why there are CCTV policies if there’s nothing wrong with them?

I don’t want to defame CCTV cameras, but all the other technological inventions, these CCTV cameras may also be mistreated. If you don’t understand it then read this article since here, I’m doing to talk about the wrong and illegal uses of safety cameras how they’re putting the standing of security systems at stake.

To begin with, let it be apparent, nothing is bad, this is actually the use of anything which makes it good or bad. Similarly, CCTV is also great and they’ve done an amazing job so far to reduce the crime rate, but misuse of surveillance cameras can also be a fact and you cannot just brush it under the carpet.

Below are some significant abuses of safety cameras you must know.

Privacy Concern

Perhaps you have felt confused and annoyed by the presence of security cameras when you’re hanging in the area with your loved ones?

The main reason many folks don’t appreciate CCTV existence is privacy invasion. They give you security and protection, but on the opposite side, they also ruin your privacy.

Due to the growing privacy concern about those systems, you must be somewhat careful about putting them in public places. The government also has made proper regulations for the placement of surveillance systems in public.

You can’t get into anyone’s place. Be careful and safe you are others from any type of trouble.

The incorrect use of cameras is not just done by the criminals, but the people with all the good intentions also misuse cameras because of their lack of information.

It’s completely wrong. No matter what are your aims, your neighbors can take rigorous action against you because of this.

Get permission for neighbors if your cameras are targeting some areas from their own property. In cases like this, you make sure cameras aren’t sneaking into private areas such as bedrooms, windows, etc.

For the surveillance out of your shop, you also have to be cautious and if you do not know about privacy guidelines you can also visit the nearby police station and ask them for assistance or consent.

Another thing, if you are putting the cameras in public areas for security purposes, fine, but you must use misuse the surveillance recordings.

What’s an inappropriate video, well, allow me to make it easy for you, somebody (mostly men) made inappropriate videos of individuals (girls) and put them on social networking?

I remember when Facebook was new and several privacy cases show up, where guys are blackmailing girls and photoshopping the pictures of girls and putting them on social networking.

Now, we hear about instances like changing room and bedroom videos of girls that are misused from the offenders and they blackmail girls for money and other things, otherwise, they will place their clips on social networking. Social media and internal are already filled with these sorts of videos that are improper. All of these videos are recorded through concealed CCTVs.

In regards to hidden, you can have no idea where they are put, they can be hidden in a picture or perhaps someone carrying them together, they’re exceedingly little that could be hidden in cloths.

You’ve got to be beware of those cameras, particularly it is crucial for the girls to be mindful of public areas and try not to use arbitrary washrooms and changing rooms.

What you should do to prevent camera misuse?

Is there a way to stop it?

Even though the government is creating policies about using CCTV cameras these just go with the legal usage of cameras. If someone is already abusing the cameras, why would he even care about the state coverage?

Spying on People

Talking about all the wrong and illegal motives, CCTV used for, spying on people is also among them. In the last few decades, many men and women are facing problems, like somebody is spying on them or stalking them.

Spying cameras can be found in the current market and the matter of concern is that nobody is doing something about it. It’s fairly obvious that there is no good use of spy cameras. Yes, detectives also rely on them but only under the permission of law enforcement.

I believe spying cameras must be prohibited, so people feel more safe and secure. It must not be allowed for anyone to sell or purchase spy cameras because it is a clear thing that spy cameras create a movie of another individual without their concern.

You may have seen in the films, how a guy hides a pencil camera in his pocket to make recordings. In reality, spying cameras look very much similar and they’re very difficult to be seen because of their small size.

For most of the cameras, abuse happens, spy cameras are included in it.

Record that the Conversations

You know that recording a person’s conversation with their permission is also not permitted.

Even if you’re speaking to somebody on the phone, you should only record dialogue with the concern of another person, otherwise, it’ll be unethical and illegal also.

There are many cameras out there used to record conversations. Although cameras are not made for this purpose from the time the features of cameras will also be expanding.

I am not saying documenting performed by cameras is obviously unethical, it could be performed for the right purpose, it totally depends on how and why you’re recording the dialogue.

So, you be careful while talking with strangers and family because you don’t know who is recording your own voice to use it against you.

Leak Business Keys

Yes, they have been used to induce damage to businesses also. If you are a business owner, you must be beware of all employees since you never know just how is the offender.

Who knows someone is carrying is spy cameras in your business meeting, to flow your personal info to the rivals?

There are too many abuses of cameras that they can’t be covered in 1 article.

It is among the simplest methods to invade the privacy of a person or business also.

Everyone Can Get Them

Here comes the major issue behind all of the fuss created by CCTV systems, they can easily be available for everyone. You simply have to stop by any camera store and take it right away; the storekeeper does not even bother to know your name. There’s a need for the government to take serious actions against I, to control the camera misuse in the nation.

I hope now you would get an idea about how devastating these security cameras may be. Law authorities are fighting to eliminate surveillance camera abuses and creating policies for it. The issue is still there which can be worked out by taking strict from the abusers.


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