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If you are in the cosmetic and skincare business then you would already know the worth of quality custom boxes, irrespective of the distribution channel chosen.

When people talk about makeup and beauty products, they subconsciously relate the products to their skincare needs. Today, the beauty industry as a whole is experiencing innovation in not just the products offered but also how they are offered to the customers.

Bland and brown boxes are out and creative branded boxes are in. But have you ever thought that what has brought about this change?

Multiple factors are responsible for changing the atmosphere of the cosmetics markets. From increased self-awareness to a stronger connection with the world, evolving lifestyle habits have cultivated the need for making time for skincare and looking one’s best at all times.

What role does packaging play?

Like the beauty industry benefits from promising a better-looking appearance, the products are also judged on the basis of their physical appeal. In short, the packaging speaks about the brand ethos and product worth.

Naturally, brands that eye for the top spot in the consumer markets have to compete over and above the cosmetic items they sell. They have to package these in matching boxes that captivate the audience at the first contact.

In a nutshell, beauty packaging boxes are what separates popular brands from not-so-famous ones. Considering this, businesses have to ensure that they employ the rightly customized boxes for their products and customers. Picking standard boxes is not a choice anymore as you would see further in the article.

Why should companies go custom?

You are about to find out how personalized cosmetic boxes offer more brand recognition and a gamut of advantages as compared to the traditional brown boxes. They effectively convey all the desired branding details to the customers without breaking the bank.

Discover 6 benefits that make customized packaging a must-have tool in the cosmetic industry. And how to improve their quality and appeal for stronger revenue generation.

One: Adequate safety gear

This is an obvious one. The boxes are the only thing between hassle-free deliveries and damaged ones. Customized beauty boxes can be built to keep every type of product safe and intact during transit. The boxes are made for specific products. For example, fragile bottles are packaged in thick boxes, pouches in custom trays, etc.

Standard boxes come in pre-set dimensions. They are, more often than not, incapable of holding the contents in place over long routes. Any breakages and leakages cost a lot of refunds and replacements to the beauty brands.

Two: Stand tall among peers

The beauty industry is one of the most competitive ones globally. Every year thousands of businesses start-up with the hope of making it big in their markets. But what keeps their survival intact? Customer loyalty is an essential component that can be won with professional custom boxes.

Creating individual boxes is convenient due to lots of options. In between many graphics and color coordination, businesses have the scope to slip in their branding messages. The brand identity can shine brightly on the boxes and so can distinct brand values. All these form to give customers a strong reason to be brand loyal.

So much creative freedom is absent from standard packaging. It comes in pre-set format and only offers to display the brand name and logo at the most.

custom boxes

Three: Organized costs

Standard boxes come at set rates. They don’t offer much scope for protecting the products and are often a reason for piling costs. Shipping rates and conditions are unmanageable using ordinary boxes.

On the other hand, picking custom options works to reduce overall costs. Surprised? There are a handful of ways that custom-made cosmetic boxes can actually reduce potential losses.

  • Raw materials can be adjusted in quantity and quality to be more pocket-friendly.
  • Branding opportunities lower overall marketing costs.
  • Secure deliveries reduce customer complaints.
  • Light-weight boxes lower shipping freight, labor charges, and time.

Four: Complying with pressure groups

Modern times have inflated business regulations. One of these is the eco-friendly guidelines that brands have to adhere to. The packaging is at the forefront of these regulations. It takes sustainable cosmetics packaging and production ethics to impress customers. Brands also save on potential fines.

Standard boxes cannot be built sustainably. Even if they do, they often waste materials and fall short of conveying positive business aspects to customers. Box manufacturers guide on how to involve green materials and use them for branding prospects.

Customized boxes can be printed with relevant eco-compliant stickers and logos. The front of the boxes can have personalized messages about the steps taken to reduce negative impacts on the environment and more box space can be used for this purpose. Customers are more likely to keep buying from a skincare brand that has responsible values.

Five: Boost brand visibility

The primary goal of branding is to encourage higher sales. But the current explosion in e-commerce sales has made it hard to stand apart from the crowd.

Opting for high-quality box elements makes the brand pop out. These include high-end illustrations, fonts, embossed and/or foil stamped brand images, among others. It helps to reinforce the brand identity on all customers who come across the cosmetic boxes, increasing the odds of being recognized. No matter what the printing effects are, they are bound to leave customers intrigued about the company.

Standard brown boxes are easily missed by customers. They neither imbibe colorful displays of brand aspects nor do they communicate important details to customers.

Six: Staying relevant

Custom options enable brands to stay with current trends and changes in customer tastes. It is another feather in the cap for custom cosmetic boxes.

Standard boxes fail because they don’t spark customer interest in the brand. Brands have the ultimate creative freedom to use the boxes as a customer retention tool.


Altogether, custom boxes offer a holistic branding approach that is missing from plain boxes. The beauty markets can be won over by using exceptional branding.


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