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Want to save mother earth by having fun and studying simultaneously? It may be hard to believe, but it is true with learning games. The craze for playing video games has only increased in the past half a century among people worldwide. However, during the lockdown year 2020, it boomed to become more significant than both the movies and sports combined.

The rapid rise in people playing video games seems not to reduce soon. Hence innovative and environment-concerned game developers created learning and eco-friendly games like Eco-Aire. It helps to learn many skills and several measures to reduce pollution,  poverty, and utilizing energy. Hence, billions of people playing games can contribute their part, which could save the only planet we got. 

So, check out how learning games help people have fun and help study apart from doing your part to save the world from many dangers.

How learning games are fun and help education?

The video games impact on society is tremendous, even surpassing movies, sports, and other activities. Even studies confirm that playing video games makes people, especially children, emotionally stable.   It has also enabled the education sector for the students to learn many complex concepts in subjects quickly.

Many video games with millions of active players have taught many skills to them. For example, with her adventures, a famous character in a popular video game might have taught more about archaeology to the players than textbooks. Eco-Aire has taught many people to build eco empires without pollution with its eco-friendly theme to build sustainable cities.

Other games teach history, geography, science, maths, etc., to the millions of players. Hence, learning games, though available for a long time, are now gaining more momentum because of COVID lockdowns and smartphones’ increasing. It is because of their many benefits that include. 

Benefits of learning games to have fun and learn subjects & skills

  • It helps to transform learning into exciting and thrilling with many tools to explain the complex concepts in a fun-filled way for the students to understand and remember them to excel in their academic studies
  • It boosts motivation as the students get rewarded with medals, bonuses, extra lives, additional points, and others to study excitedly
  • Offers opportunities for practicing many skills without being in real harmful situations like using navigation and flight simulations and others
  • Studies confirm that learning games improve problem-solving skills and speed up the response of the students by setting up time limits for completing the learning tasks and gifting the successful players
  • Encourages teamwork among students, especially during the COVID restrictions to play and learn as a team with fun and rewards
  • Increases the creativity, focus, memory, concentration, imagination, and other skills that are crucial for being successful in future personal and professional life
  • Improves leadership qualities by increasing the players’ strategic skills for making decisions and interacting with other players positively to win the rewards
  • Helps learn many languages by chats to communicate with other players, reading instructions, and also from the narration of the story
  • Enhances critical thinking as the basis of the learning games are ethical, social, and philosophical for the players to follow them and learn from it

The above facts and benefits will surely convince you that learning games enables you to study with fun and specific games like Eco Aire teaching the many means to save mother earth.


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