Traveling is a great way to change your surroundings and to have a little breather. However, travel is quite a costly affair and can be a real splurge. What is more, if there are plenty of desired destinations and not as many funds to devote to them, you should consider your options and travel on a budget. Besides, if you are a student and need to carefully think about your expenses, you can still endeavor to travel on a budget, but you ought to plan ahead and consider some of the following tips.

Be Flexible

First and foremost, if you are on a budget and have to do penny-pinching, be ready to change up your plans a bit. Students can be more flexible in terms of their schedule and can embark on a trip during the week, keep in mind that flights are normally cheaper midweek and at night, so try to monitor the prices ahead and choose the cheapest ones. Besides, always be ready to change your plan and mode of transport and consider renting a car. You can always find the cheapest car rental for those under 25, and most often than not it could be a good deal, and you can end up spending less.

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Being flexible could also entail, changing up your route to travel to a smaller airport and getting a rental car for those under 25 there to get to your final destination. Moreover, visiting a car rental for those under 25 could give you extra freedom to travel locally and do some more sightseeing. So, in the end, you could save more money and be able to see more within the time frame you have got.

Plan Ahead

Another key aspect of a relatively cheap trip is planning ahead. Usually, you have to devote some time to establishing the benchmark pricing for the accommodation, airfare, and other extra charges that could come up. Besides, you will normally get better deals if you manage to book the place of stay and transport in advance. You should search through different websites, like, to compare the charges and find the bargain that is most suitable for you. Also, if you are about to visit multiple locations, make sure to check which of the locations is better for spending the night at, by comparing the pricing, availability of accommodation, and the comfort of getting around.

Do Your Research

Going hand in hand with planning, the research could also save you a pretty buck. You should spend some time learning about your destination, the culture, traditions, and some other particular nuances of the location. Study the local pricing on the food and petrol. Figure out if it makes sense to eat out, or to save some money by shopping at local supermarkets and getting to try some local produce. Plus, if your budget is limited, it is important to factor in extra expenses, like petrol or ticket fares, and to compare them to see what works better for you.

Travel Light

Traveling light sounds like a run-of-the-mill piece of advice that is usually given out. If you do not have much luggage, you will save up on the airfare. However, if you are traveling by car, you might consider taking more stuff. Of course, if you do get a rental car, you can for example pack some food, to save up on eating out. But keep in mind that if you travel with just a backpack on your shoulders, you are more flexible and can grab any opportunity that comes your way. For instance, you can change your plan and switch up the rental car for some public transportation, and you will not be held up by the bags that you have to carry around.

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Be Ready To DIY

When you are traveling on a budget, you have to get creative. You might easily find some free activities to do in most destinations, like say free walking tours or maybe some locals interested in practicing a foreign language that would be eager to show you around. What is more, thanks to the plentitude of information online, you will be able to map out a trip on your own and find out much information about some of the top attractions and places of interest. Being a student, it is critical to get creative to find the best possible use for your money, be selective about the choices you make and expenses you have.

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Travel Off-Season

Clearly, this is the best time to visit any city, like you might like summer in Northern States and winter in the South. On the contrary, some people who prefer winter sports might like it the other way around. If you are a student and are keen on visiting some particular location, think about avoiding peak seasons, and try to be very picky about the destinations. Avoid those that are heavily promoted on social media, as they are often too good to be true. 

What is more, even if you want to experience the place in its prime, make sure to check for some cheaper alternative destinations nearby, or consider staying in the suburbs near cities. Of course, it goes without saying that you ought to avoid high-profile resorts and that there is normally some cozy quaint little town that can boast the same landscapes for a fraction of the cost. Overall, if you get creative and have fun with it, you can travel on a budget.


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