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When you become a parent, you learn about the hardship and trouble your parents had to endure. Being a new mother is hard as the new-born is not easy to handle and take care of. It’s like, your care and attention are never enough. 

The new-borns are fragile. Their bones are not strong enough; their immune system is also weak. So, it would help if you did a lot for your new-born to grow and have a healthy upbringing. Indeed, you will feel immeasurable joy taking care of the baby, but it is full of a hassle as well.

The baby needs a proper way of holding them; they need regular feeding, diapering, bathing, and so many other things. In addition, dealing with pregnancy, especially in the coronavirus pandemic, is hard. So, taking care of the newborn becomes harder.

This article will elaborate on how you can take care of a newborn baby during the covid pandemic in 2022.

Newborn Baby Care During Pandemic

Newborn babies need extra care, and there should be no gap in their caregiving in the pandemic situation. Here are some tips for taking care of your baby in the pandemic. 


Breastfeeding is an essential part of taking care of a newborn. This is because the newborn survives only on breast milk. Breastfeeding is also a way of increasing bonding with the baby. The baby becomes fond of the mother while they start breastfeeding. Making eye contact with the baby while breastfeeding is a great way to increase that mother-child bond.

If you are under the impression that the infection may pass down to the newborn from the mother, then you are wrong. Today, there has been no incident of a mother infecting a baby with coronavirus

There are various benefits of breastfeeding, making it the only viable way to feed a newborn. So, you need not skip breastfeeding your baby. It is the only way to keep your baby safe from covid. 

Stay Home

We don’t want the newborn baby to fall sick. So, the baby’s mother needs to maintain all the covid precautions and protocols that are out there. 

  • A newborn’s mother needs to stay home at all times if possible. 
  • There is no need to engage in any public gathering unless it is inevitable.
  • When they go to public, they must cover their nose and face using masks.
  • A newborn’s mother needs to maintain a 6 feet distance from any other person. 
  • Cleaning hands using alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a must.
  • Don’t make the newborn wear a face mask
  • Never leave your baby alone in the car.

Keep Contact With The Doctor

If you see any change in your baby’s health condition, then you need to call the baby’s doctor immediately. You may not visit the doctor’s office; you can always call them or talk to them on video calls.   

Suppose the doctor relays a baby care guideline. You need to maintain that at all times. You must get your baby the vaccines that the doctors may have directed. Also, you need to contact the doctor’s office before the appointment to learn about their restriction protocols. 

Limit The Visitors 

Many of your visitors and relatives might be excited about you welcoming a little one. They may often want to visit the newborn and see them. You need to limit these visits down to as few as possible. We never know who carries the virus, and we need to take precautions.

While the baby may not get affected, the mom still is vulnerable, and a mother suffering from fever has to go through hell to take care of the newborn. That is why you need to limit these visits. 

Holding A Newborn 

Covid or no covid, you need to maintain all the baby caregiving necessary. Your newborn has a fragile body. The newborn cannot hold their headstrong. They are too weak to handle the weight of their head. So, you need to be careful when you are holding a newborn baby. 

You need to hold their head a little above the body and place them in a way so that their head stays slightly upward like a reclining position. You need to support the head and the neck of the newborn.


Do not overdress your newborn. Always try to put them on some light and loose clothing. Using heavy clothes on your baby can make them suffocate. Instead, always make them wear clothes that are easier to take off. Babies often make themselves dirty, so using loose clothes makes it easier to undress and change the clothes. 


Diapers are mandatory. There are many diapers in the market, and it is very confusing to choose a diaper for your newborn baby. However, make sure to choose a diaper that is harmless for your baby’s skin. Also, using diapers may cause rash, so you also need to have rash creams to help your baby with diaper rash.

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Taking care of the newborn is hard already, and you need to be extra caring and cautious during the pandemic. In addition, if you are a newborn’s mother, you need to be careful about your health. First, a newborn’s mother’s health is crucial as she directly connects to the baby’s well-being. 

While there have been no reports of a baby getting covid from its mother, we need to take as many precautions as possible to ensure its safety. We hope this article helps you.

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