Starting an event management company in Dubai is one of the most profitable business decisions one can make. It’s no secret that Dubai is one of the most prosperous and thriving business centers in the world. There are many events taking place in every nook and cranny of Dubai throughout the year. This has made Dubai one of the perfect places to start your event management business. Dubai is one of the main places where businesses and individuals want to invest. Business is Dubai is fastest-growing economy. And since everything has gone digital in this electronic world, every entrepreneur and company is launching their website to benefit from e-commerce. But designing your website, choosing the right web design company or designer, is a tedious task.

The fact is that Dubai web development companies play an important role in enhancing the brand name of their clients’ businesses these days, as well as their reputation on the network. The success of any online brand depends entirely on the expertise, knowledge, expertise and experience of the web developers. With so many customers visiting the Internet to find out and buy services and products, it has become very important for any organization to go online and promote their business online so that they can survive and thrive. Since the first impression is considered the best impression, a website should therefore be easy to navigate, pleasing and impressive and informative to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

You need an event management license to run an event management company in Dubai. In this case, the following steps are required to successfully obtain an event management license in Dubai:

Plan your Business Activity

The first step in applying for an event management license is to outline the nature of your business. Make sure you do any of the activities you wish to include in this section, as you are not permitted to engage in any activity not described in the appendix. From hospitality services to event planning to room rentals, contact us when applying for an A to Z license for event management.

Choose your Company Name

The next important step is choosing a name for your event management company. There are many legal guidelines to consider when choosing your business setup in Dubai:

  • The name should not refer to any other organization or corporation
  • The name should be in full; abbreviations not allowed
  • The name should reflect the nature of your business
  • The name should not be blasphemous
  • The name should not be similar to any existing business name

After following all these instructions, it’s a good idea to check the availability of the name of your choice. Once confirmed, you can get the approved name of the selected company from the relevant authorities.

Choose the Right Business Setup

The final step in the application process is choosing the right framework for your event management business. In Dubai, you can choose between free zone or mainland to start your business. You need to research what will benefit your business, weigh the pros and cons, and choose the most appropriate option.

Apply for Business License & Remit Fees

After completing all of the above, you can submit the completed application form to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for approval. You must attach the following documents with the completed application form to receive an event management license:

  • Two-colour passport size photos of owners/partners
  • Copy of initial approval from concerned authorities
  • Passport copies of business owners/partners
  • Trade name registration certificate

Accompanied by the application form, you must translate the fees required for processing. It costs around AED 15,000 to obtain an event management license in Dubai.

Apply for Bank Accounts and Visas

At the same time, you must apply for a visa for yourself, all other partners, employees or relatives, as well as the first step to opening a company bank account. It is advisable to seek advice from an experienced business establishment service provider in Dubai who will help you navigate through the entire process. If you register correctly, you will receive an event management license within a few days.

Why Choose Professionals for Starting Any Business in Dubai

Do you want to start an event management company in Dubai? Do you need help getting an event management license? Don’t worry, a professional business setup consultant company is the best option. Most professional business setup consultant firms can help you obtain an event management license. At a professional consultancy company, they have set records when it comes to helping entrepreneurs build their event management business in Dubai as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Call a professional business consultant for the much-needed one-on-one contact for your business furnishing services. They will help you start your event management company in a short period.


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