Imagine for a moment, the importance of the internet. It is definitely overwhelming. Now, that overwhelming importance of the internet is possible due to network cables – mostly, ethernet cables.  

Hence, the importance of network cables is just as important as the internet itself. Because the internet can’t function on its own. It needs an external agency, which in this case are network cables.

The Internet is used for a number of different purposes and each unique purpose requires a unique networking cable. For example, if you access the internet at home for educational purposes, you can make do with a regular Cat5e cable. But if you use the internet for playing online video games in 4k, you might need a Cat6a cable to play good games.

There are more different ethernet network cables that are right for some applications and not-so-right for others. Note that there is no wrong ethernet cable or even a network cable for that matter. It’s just that the not-so-right one will not perform as good as the right one.

So, let’s discuss why it is so important to choose the right network cable.

Sufficient speed

Think about the applications for which you will be using the network cable. Is it for streaming Netflix? Or perhaps for running your online store? 

Whatever your speed requirement is, there is always a networking cable that is most suitable for the task. If you get a cable that doesn’t provide enough speed for the requirement, you will suffer both mentally and financially. Mentally because slow internet is always frustrating and financially because your business could probably suffer and you will have to spend more money on getting another cable.

Unnecessary costs

Following the previous point, if you do not calculate the requirements of your application and get a cable that doesn’t provide enough speed, you will have to spend more money on upgrading it.

And if you get a networking cable that offers far more speed and other specifications, you will be investing unnecessarily and it won’t give you returns. For example, if you need an ethernet network cable for regular household applications, you don’t have to get the top-of-the-line category cable. A regular Cat6 cable will o the job just fine. And you don’t have to invest unnecessary amounts of money for a service that you won’t be using. 

It must be noted that calculating your requirements is of utmost importance, otherwise, you run the risk of getting either an unnecessarily high-end cable or a cable that doesn’t suffice for your needs.

Cable run-length

At this point, you have probably decided the speed that you need and the cable that is most suitable for the task. Now, let’s discuss how the run-length of the cable affects its performance.

The run length of a cable is the distance at which a networking cable can perform at its optimum. For example, Cat6a ethernet cable can transfer data at a maximum speed over a distance of 100 meters. It is vital to know the run length of your cable. Because running it at longer than its designed distance will definitely result in poor performance. 

Therefore, while calculating your speed requirements, you must consider the distance at which you will be running the cable. 


The right network cable should provide the most suitable speed for your requirement and cost the most reasonable price for the specifications it offers. Additionally, it should also offer a very important feature: Safety. 

If you do not choose the right networking cable, you risk the safety of your overall networking infrastructure. For example, installing a riser-rated ethernet cable in plenum spaces is a fire hazard risk. And installing PVC-rated ethernet cables in any space other than their designed ones is also a great fire hazard risk. 

Hence, considering the safety requirements of the space where you will be installing the networking cable is extremely important.


It is important to use the right type of network cable for the right application for four main reasons. First, it ensures that you get the speed according to your requirements and you get it at the most suitable price for the specifications that it provides.

Then, you do not lose the speed of your connection by using a network cable that is suitable food your requirements. Last but not the least, using the right cable ensures that the safety requirements of your application are met.


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