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The next iPhone is expected to come with in-display Touch ID, which is predicted to debut in the iPhone 14 model. However, it has been pushed back to 2023. The new technology will require more space and could result in Apple removing the Lightning port. In-display Touch ID will be an important upgrade for the iPhone, so this feature is expected to make it into the next flagship. Regardless of when it is released, Apple is already planning its next big update. 

Possible Features in next iPhone Update

One big feature of the next iPhone update is that it will be easier to update with the help of Apple Watch. iOS 15 has been available for beta testing since June. Users can now download it for free. To install it, go to Settings and select Software Update. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can manually install it from there. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software update, you’ll need to reboot your iPhone to take advantage of the new features. 

In addition to fixing the security issues, iOS 15 is also likely to fix various bugs and security vulnerabilities like vulkan runtime libraries. A few months ago, Apple fixed a bug that rendered the iPhone unusable. With the upcoming iOS 15, the company will be addressing other bugs and vulnerabilities. For example, in iOS 15.0.2, it fixed an error in the IOMobileFrameBuffer interface, which could lead to malicious code overflowing memory or even gaining access to the kernel. 

iOS 15 includes new privacy controls in Siri, Mail, and more. These changes make it easier to secure your information. With the recent release of iOS 15, Apple will be able to address these problems and make iOS as compatible as possible with other devices. It is likely that there will 

be more software updates in the future. It will be interesting to see how these improvements impact the iPhone’s users. And the new software update will be an important step forward for Apple’s products. 

Expectations from iPhone 14

The “iPhone 14” isn’t expected to launch until 2023, so there is still time to upgrade. While this iPhone will have significant design improvements, it’s most likely to look similar to the current version with a few additional features. The Lightning port may be removed or the fingerprint sensor will be added to the display. Early supply chain rumors can paint a picture of what the product will look like in the future. 

In the meantime, the “iPhone 15” will likely come with significant changes. The next iPhone may have a similar design to the current or previous model like iPhone 11 & 12, with only a few additional features. For example, Apple may eliminate the Lightning port and add an in-display fingerprint sensor. These early supply chain rumors can paint a picture of the next generation iPhone. 

The iPhone 14 is also expected to have a larger main camera than the current model. A hole punched front camera is also expected. A new Lightning port is expected to be placed on the bottom of the device. The rumors of the iPhone 14 include the rumored iPhone mini, the iPhone 14’s successor, and the iPhone’s successor. The main camera, however, is what most people will be seeing in the new iPhone. A 48-megapixel sensor will allow it to handle a wide range of tasks. 

As the Apple iPhone 14 comes out, we can expect it to have a 48-megapixel primary camera sensor and 8K video recording. The screen will also be made of titanium and be made of a titanium alloy. The Apple MacBook Pro is expected to have a three-camera system, but the

MacBook Pro will be made of titanium. Another change is expected to be a smaller cutout for the cameras. The smaller hole will be barely visible, and it will resemble a sideways ‘i’ in the display. 

The next iPhone models will have triple rear cameras and support 8K video recording. Both of them will have a telephoto lens. The cameras on these models will be switchable, so that users can choose which one they want to use. The current iPhone has an imaging sensor above the display. But Apple is working on improving the position of the imaging sensor so that it is more discreet. Further, the notes app will have more functions, such as an in-built fingerprint scanner.


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