A beautiful kitchen is a dream for many people. With beautiful structures and the latest appliances, it can make cooking something that you would look forward to every day. A drab and unappealing kitchen can make you turn the other way.

Even if your new year’s resolution was to eat healthier and cook more meals at home, you will find yourself searching the food ordering app more often than you would like to admit.

An appealing kitchen is not just for the guests to admire when they visit. They will probably see it once a month at the most. After admiring it for a few hours, they will leave. But you have to see that kitchen every day of the month. If you look at it that way, a stylish and attractive kitchen is more for your benefit than any other person.

You are decorating it so that you like looking at it every day. It should be so appealing that it can make you want to cook after a long day at work. Even if it is only a small meal, if your kitchen can inspire you to do that, then it has done its job.

Now, it can be difficult for most people to afford the high-end kitchen amenities. So you should look for ways that you can make it happen without having to spend a lot of money. Investing in good-quality laminates can make a big difference without creating a hole in your pocket.

CenturyLaminates have the perfect laminates for you. Lucida laminates are the new line of glossy kitchen laminate sheets.

Why should you choose Lucida laminates?

Stain resistance –

Customers may have doubts about the effectiveness of Lucida laminates against stains. But they can rest assured that they will not be disappointed by the performance of these laminates.

The kitchen is the prime spot for any spillage apart from the dining table. And if your dining table is adjoined to the kitchen, then it is a double attack on the kitchen. Handling food can be a tricky business.

Especially if you have kids in your home, they are very likely to spill something on the counters. That can be intentional or by accident. You cannot monitor them all the time. So, with Lucida laminates, you can clean up those spills quickly without leaving any permanent stains on your beautiful counters.

Variety –

When you are talking about decorations, there can never be too much. If you are limited with the options, then you cannot decorate your kitchen properly. Instead of buying products that match your aesthetic, you are forced to choose from one or two standard pieces from the supplier.

CenturyLaminates does not want you to go through that experience. Therefore Lucida laminates come in various styles so that you only buy something that you like. You do not have to settle for anything less than the perfect laminate.

Colour fastness –

Investing in anything for your home means you are hoping that it will last for a long time. If the structure remains strong for years, then it is good. But if along with that, the look of the furniture is preserved despite regular use, then it is a bonus. ~

With Lucida laminates, you can expect that to happen. Things tend to fade with time. Whether it is the shine or the colour, to counter that, CenturyLaminates have created the Lucida line with colourfast technology. This will make sure that the colour of the laminates stays the same for years to come.

The Bottom Line

This is not all. The Lucida laminate for kitchen counters also comes with the new ViroKill technology by the Centuryply. This technology protects the laminates from bacteria and viruses that can cause harm to people. You do not have to worry about its negative influence on human life because there is none. The nanotechnology used for ViroKill has absolutely zero effect on humans. Enquire now about Lucida CenturyLaminates


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