Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, and everyone is happy to have it in their products. An app is a software that runs on a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, or Android to perform tasks like navigation, e-mail management, and so on. According to a well-known technology company, the app store has received over 140 billion downloads to date. As a result, the possibilities for developing applications for businesses are virtually limitless, and they may prove to be a godsend for them, especially if they do not have a website! There are several benefits why one should go for app builder:

  1. Immediate Customer Communication

Today, if a company wants to keep its customers informed about anything, including news, special offers, and promotions, it must use social media. They require a quick and easy way to communicate with them without wasting time or money. Because people nowadays only use mobile phones, an app can be created specifically for that purpose. This will keep their customers informed, and they will be able to provide feedback immediately.

  1. Go Global, Go Mobile!

Having an app is the best way for their business to go global quickly. There is no need to spend thousands of rupees on developing a website when there is an app that will do the job! It not only has a higher chance of being downloaded but it can also be used by multiple users at the same time if applicable, as in the case of games. Furthermore, one can send business-related alerts and updates directly to the phone of any customer who has installed their app; imagine how efficient this will be!

  1. Encourages instant communication with customers

This is the age of social media, and people are constantly checking updates and uploading something about themselves that they believe will garner more likes/shares. So, using social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, one can create an app like this to promote instant connectivity with their customers. Because their customers have already installed their app, there is no need to keep updating things through these platforms. This way, one can give them time to focus on what they do best rather than wasting time constantly posting stuff online!

  1. Increases Sales

As previously stated, if done correctly, apps can significantly increase sales. It will, at the very least, provide an opportunity to acquire more and more customers and efficiently promote one’s business. To encourage growth, they can even optimize certain features such as push notifications, coupons, and discounts based on the regions where their business is performing well.

  1. Improved Customer Service

This is one of the primary reasons why businesses are increasingly relying on apps. They are more secure than websites because they can only be accessed through an app password or 

This vastly improves customer service because they no longer have to wait for hours for their complaints to be addressed! An app can notify them of their problems immediately and even provide a quick fix if that feature is available! It also makes it possible to handle multiple customers at the same time, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Brand Identity as a Marketing Tool

Almost every business has a competitor, and another app can be an effective way of marketing your product. Coupons, discounts, and other incentives can be provided.When people download it, they have more clicks on the ad that is displayed on the app, which eventually converts into sales! Furthermore, they can use push notifications to notify them of any news or updates related to their business, ensuring that they never miss out on anything important simply because they were not present to check their phones all of the time! This will also help the brand’s image. The presence of an app also facilitates their understanding of their customers’ behaviour, allowing them to use it as a feedback tool.

  1. The app is a marketing tool that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Businesses, like websites, use apps to market their products and services, especially when they collaborate with another company to reach more customers from all over the world. Aside from that, several features, such as ad banners, can inform others about one’s business.

  1. Additional Benefits for Customers

Customers love it when they feel special in comparison to others, which is why businesses today offer special discounts, offers, and other perks to their customers as an added benefit.Apps provide the same benefit because they can also notify them of any other offers, deals, or vouchers they may receive if they install their app! This increases the likelihood of brand recognition by new users who have never heard of their company before!

  1. Ease of Use

The best part about using apps nowadays is that people are becoming more accustomed to them with each passing day, making the whole ordeal less intimidating than before, especially for those who are not at all tech-savvy! As a result, developing an app will be beneficial because it is simple to use and provides an excellent user experience!Furthermore, there are several features that can be added, such as customising it based on the location of your business so that customers can easily find their way. Overall, depending on what they want and their target audience, there are several advantages to developing an app for their business.

  1. Affordable

Creating an app is not that expensive because it can be used in the same way that a website is. Yes, there are some costs associated with owning an app, but you don’t have to update it on a regular basis, which saves you money in the long run! Unlike games or software applications, mobile apps are typically small and will take up only a small amount of space on the device.They also provide several free features, such as push notifications and image sharing, among others.

Finally, businesses can use apps to promote their business by developing an app with a company like Intelikart that provides more opportunities for customer service and brand recognition among new users.


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