Moisturizing the skin
  1. The importance of moisturizing the skin
  2. Moisturizing the skin inside
    1. How much water should you drink daily
    2. Foods recommended for moisturizing the skin
    3. Vitamins and minerals for moisturizing the skin
  3. Moisturize the skin with proper care
    1. Moisturize the skin around the eyes
    2. Moisturizing the skin in winter
    3. Moisturize the skin before and after the beach
  4. The daily care ritual for moisturizing facial skin
    1. Skin make-up removal
    2. Skin toning
    3. Skin hydration
  5. Recommendations for moisturizing the skin during pregnancy

The importance of moisturizing the skin

The skin performs several important functions for the human body, from the elimination of toxins to the regulation of body temperature. Given this, it is the responsibility of each of us to support his or her specific activities so that the largest organ of the body can function to the fullest. Moisturizing the skin plays a key role in this because skin that is not nourished properly will become drier, so less resistant to external factors. As a consequence, unsightly effects may occur on its surface, such as redness, itching, flaky skin. Wrinkles are also a cause of dehydrated skin, which occurs against the background of the contraction of cells in the upper layer of skin tissue. 

At the same time, dead skin cells lose their ability to reflect light as well as healthy ones, so the skin will look dull. Therefore, hydrated skin looks good, is supple and elastic, and can successfully fulfill its function as a defense barrier against aggressive environmental factors. 

Moisturizing the skin inside 

If you dream of a perfect, smooth, and radiant complexion, one of your concerns regarding your beauty routine should be moisturizing your skin from the inside out. This can be achieved through optimal consumption of fluids and foods rich in water, but also through the administration of vitamin supplements or foods that contain vitamins that play a role in moisturizing the skin. 

How much water should you drink daily?

Moisturizing the skin inside can be done primarily through optimal water intake every day. Experts say that this vital fluid is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. After all, water is an important component that ensures the maintenance of a homeostatic balance in the human body, being necessary for digestion, circulation, and proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, when it comes to skin health, it helps to create a barrier between skin tissue cells and environmental factors that can cause dehydration. 

And yet, how much water do you need to drink daily? Although it is generally recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water every day, it seems that the precise answer depends on several factors. Experts recommend consumption based on the extent of losses; more precisely, if we do sports and sweat a lot, our body will need even more hydration from the inside. The number of fluids indicated for daily consumption also differs depending on gender; thus, men should drink at least 3 liters of water, while in the case of women this amount may decrease by one liter. About 70-80% of the daily fluid requirement should be provided by water consumption

From the discussion about what moisturizing the skin means, we cannot omit the foods that play a major role in keeping a body hydrated. Approximately 20-30% of the amount of water we ingest daily should be sourced from foods recommended for moisturizing the skin, such as soups, tomatoes, melons or teas, and even natural juices. 

Vitamins and minerals for moisturizing the skin 

To prevent the signs of aging, there is a fairly extensive list of vitamins and minerals for moisturizing the skin. These include the following:

  • Vitamin A is appreciated for its ability to reduce pigment spots and improve the appearance of dry skin. However, these are not the only benefits of vitamin A for the skin. 
  • Vitamin B helps restore collagen fibers. In addition, vitamin b5 controls sebum production, while vitamin B3 helps to regenerate the skin due to the action of the sun’s rays. 
  • Vitamin C, with important antioxidant properties and a role in collagen synthesis. 
  • Vitamin D helps prevent psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and prevents dry skin. 
  • Vitamin E is responsible for combating dry skin and neutralizing the action of free radicals on it. 
  • Zinc is often used to treat acne.
  • Selenium is used due to its properties of protection of the skin against ultraviolet rays. 

Moisturize the skin with proper care

Why the skin dries – a question that may have, among other things, an obvious answer: it does not receive proper external care. Along with eating fluids and foods rich in nutrients essential to your health, hydrating your skin with proper care is another important step in your daily routine. 

Moisturize the skin around the eyes


The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, which is why it needs special attention. Moisturizing the skin around the eyes is done, first of all, by using products dedicated to this area. Because the skin under the eyes lacks the sebaceous glands, it is much more susceptible to dehydration and the first signs of aging. Therefore, in addition to adjusting your diet and sleep schedule, hydration of the skin around the eyes is possible due to the multitude of creams and serums with retinol, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. If you are facing bags under your eyes, you can also choose products based on caffeine, green tea, or coffee beans, which are very rich in antioxidants. Hydration can also be an effective remedy against wrinkles under the eyes. 

For skincare around the eyes, you can use the duo cream for lifting, from the Anew Clinical range, which contains a gel for the upper eyelid and arch and an eye contour cream. 

Moisturizing the skin in winter 

In winter, under the influence of wind and excessive cold, our skin may suffer. Therefore, it is very important to moisturize the skin in winter, as recommended by dermatologists. A thick cream is part of the skin’s maintenance arsenal in the cold season. Choose products based on Vaseline or moisturizing oils, which keep the tissue moist for a long time. It is recommended that such products be applied after the bath, to act in-depth. Ceramides, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid are other ingredients to look for on winter skin moisturizer labels. Another category of cosmetics in Pakistan ideal for the cold season is creamed with emollient effect, which fills the spaces between the skin cells. 

Here are some other tips for moisturizing your skin in the winter:

  • Avoid hot showers and baths;
  • Avoid excessive use of soaps;
  • Do not rub the skin with a towel after bathing;
  • Apply a lotion with a protection factor daily. 

Moisturize the skin before and after the beach

If in winter we are looking for makeup products in Pakistan that support the role of skin protection against the wind, in summer we must focus on protecting our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Thus, moisturizing the skin before and after the beach can be done with the help of special products to prevent dehydration of the cells. So, start your ritual of preparing for your beach holiday with a moisturizing shower containing regenerating oils, and after the bath apply a moisturizing lotion enriched with active ingredients. Don’t forget the SPF protection factor lotion, which you can choose depending on the type and shade of your skin. An ideal product in this regard is the Avon spray with a light formula for skincare at the beach. 

To prepare your beach skin, but also to keep away sunburn, focus on food. The warm season offers us a lot of delicious products that help us cope with the hot temperatures and which also have a nourishing effect on the skin. Consume healthy fluids, as many water-rich fruits and vegetables as possible, and avoid alcoholic beverages that can lead to dehydration. 

After the beach, always apply a moisturizing lotion after the shower and an after-sun product with a calming and regenerating effect. You can try Avon Sun Refreshing Spray with Vitamin C. 

The daily care ritual for moisturizing facial skin

The daily care ritual for moisturizing facial skin should be chosen according to your skin type. Even if you have oily or, on the contrary, dry skin, hydration is a stage that you should not skip. However, for the skin to be nourished correctly and efficiently, it is necessary to go through a few preliminary steps, such as:

Skin make-up removal 

The secret to a bright and healthy complexion is proper make-up removal. Thorough cleansing is the basis of daily skincare, as a result of which the ingredients in the creams used later are easier to assimilate.

Broadly speaking, dry skin will feel comfortable if it is cleansed with more oily products, while for oily or combination skin, cleansing foaming gels are much more suitable. Discover, in detail, all the secrets related to the correct cleansing of the skin by accessing this article and choosing the cleansing products you need from us. 

Skin toning

Toning is another important step that is part of the daily skincare ritual. Its role is to provide the skin with an additional supply of beneficial ingredients and, at the same time, to restore the value of the natural pH. Opt for properly formulated tonic products that do not contain irritants, which can destroy the skin’s natural lipids, irritating. 

Skin hydration 

Moisturizing the skin is the stage that completes the daily skincare ritual. You can choose different moisturizers, but it is very important to take into account your skin type in the first place. Oily skin, for example, can be treated with a water-based cream, while dry skin can be maintained by applying hyaluronic acid products to bring water back into the skin. 

Recommendations for moisturizing the skin during pregnancy

The skin is subject to drastic changes during pregnancy, so it needs special care. Stretch marks are the main concern of pregnant women, especially since they are often irreversible. 

And in pregnancy, as at any other time in life, skincare starts from the inside, precisely because its elasticity depends largely on certain substances needed by skin tissues.

To enjoy beautiful and healthy skin, pregnant women must eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and silicon – they are extremely useful for the formation of collagen cells. 

In addition, because the blood volume increases during pregnancy, your body needs more water, an ingredient that also contributes to the formation of amniotic fluid.

Therefore, the feeling of dry lips, fatigue, headaches, or decreased ability to concentrate is, along with dry throat, the main alarm signals that tell you that your body needs extra hydration. 

Concerning skin moisturizers, we already know that pregnant women have a fairly limited range of cosmetics, as not all of them are suitable for this period. However, you can use a very dry skin oil or a cream to moisturize the skin with natural products. In your daily skincare routine, insist on areas prone to stretch marks, such as the hips, abdomen, and breasts. 

Check out this guide with complete information on skin hydration and stay beautiful at any age!


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