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How to Turn Your Instagram Likes Into Youtube Views?


Most Instagram Likes is undoubtedly one of the most important and used social media platforms for many influencers out there. As per one saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is what Instagram exactly implies to its channel. While it is also great for growing an audience every passing day, at the same time, Instagram can also be difficult to monetize.

But you can leverage your Instagram popularity to grow your YouTube following that you can further monetize through YouTube Partner Program. So, this article will help you know if you can convert your Most Instagram Likes into your YouTube views, so let’s have an in-depth look:

Use high-quality & engaging pictures to promote your new upcoming uploads!

Influencers usually grow their users, fan following, and audiences by posting regular high-quality captions and pictures on their accounts. Using different hashtags and tagging the brands you wear or the friends or network you are with can also help your posts reach more people every passing day.

So, whenever you make or upload a new video on your YouTube channel, consequently make a Most Instagram Likes to promote it. However, choose the same sort of picture you normally post on your feed but make sure to write the caption that perfectly reflects the new video you upload on your YouTube channel.

For instance, if you use one particular new post to promote your YouTube upload, the picture you use has nothing to do with the video. But if it catches the fans’ attraction, uses the caption that perfectly directs them to the link mentioned in your bios.

Add your channel’s link in your bio:

Sometimes, when people find a new engaging Instagram account to follow, they mostly first prefer to check out the bio of that account to know more about them. This is because your bio is an excellent place to describe the kind of content you create and may also attach or list your other social media handles.

There is also a separate place where you can add a link to your sites of other social handles to attach them to your Instagram account and put your channel URL. At the same time, you can also put the name of your channel in your account’s bio.

Engage more with your followers in the comment section:

Like all other social media channels, one of the best ways to boost your fan following on any platform is by engaging with your existing fan following. Regularly check the comments people post on your videos and posts. Also, replying to comments or leaving comments on the posts you are tagged in will somehow attract more followers every passing day.

Take part and participate in talking to your fans in the comments sections, where you can perfectly see the excitement people have about your coming videos. Also, you may also recommend them your past videos according to the comments they leave.

As an engaging content creator, you may also use your Instagram to grow your fanbase to the high point. Try to spend more and more time on your channel and Instagram handles to engage with your fans by replying to their comments or DMs you receive.

It creates a sense of responsibility and makes your fans motivated to share your content more and more in their networks that ultimately let you have stronger recognition of your Instagram account and YouTube channel.  



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