Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web design is the layout of websites that are advertising on the web. It is usually referring to the user-experience aspects of web development, not software development. Web design was once concentrated on creating websites that were designed for desktop users; but, since the middle of 2010 design for tablets and mobile devices has grown increasingly important.

Design and Appearance

Web designers focus on the design, appearance, and, in some instances, the content of a site. The appearance, for example, is a function of the colors or fonts and images employed. The layout is the way in which information is organized and categorized. A well-designed website is user-friendly visually appealing and fits the users and the brand of the site.

Many websites are designed with a primary focus on simplicity, which means there is no additional information or features that may cause confusion or distraction to users is displayed. As the primary element of a web designer’s work is a site that is successful and builds trust with the audience they are targeting, eliminating any potential sources of frustration for users as you can be an important aspect to take into.


SEO Web Design

SEO web design involves designing and creating websites in order to be search engine friendly. Making a site SEO-friendly means the website is design so that Google or other major search engines are able to scan each page of the website in a timely manner, understand the content in a way that is efficient, and then index it into their database. 

Once they’ve indexed it, they’ll offer users the best and most useful websites to their visitors in accordance with the topics they are searching for. The more effective the SEO strategies are and the more the SEO staff is leveraged into the development process, the greater the likelihood of getting indexed and being ranked on the initial page of results of a search.


On-page optimization is a set of strategies for SEO on the web which the webmaster controls. These strategies play an important role in helping search engines crawl through your site and understand the content.

On-Page Optimization Strategies:

  1. Keyword research is the process of choosing the most appropriate keywords and subjects and placing the appropriate keywords on the web page
  2. Utilizing title tags, header tags images alt tags as well as using the meta description tag in a correct manner
  3. Making the URL format that’s optimizing to users as well as the search engines.
  4. The creation of external link structures, navigation along with an info architecture, assists the search engines to crawl your website efficiently and efficiently, and meets your users’ expectations
  5. The creation of great content can use to gain inbound links through Off-page optimization strategies
  6. Making use of multiple types of content like videos, images, lists, and even text
  7. Create a responsive design for your website that is a pleasant experience on all devices
  8. A website that is visually appealing, conveys your company’s image, and is consistent in its appearance and feel


Off-page optimization is the process of coordinating the marketing and promotion of a site. The management of this process can result in earning links and mentions on social media that increase your site’s authority, leading to a rise in rankings for SEO and traffic.

Off-Page Techniques Include:

  • Comparing your competitors to know better the strategies they are employing to rank in the results of the search
  • Utilizing anchor text that is keyword-rich in your links to other websites
  • Linking to websites that are believing to be authoritative by search engines.
  • Links to content that are deep on your website


If SEO is executed correctly and is integrated into the development process, the SEO can improve the user experience of your website by making the website search engine friendly, providing a more pleasant customer experience, and aiding businesses in achieving their marketing objectives online. If you require assistance in designing an SEO-friendly website design or redesign or a complete overhaul, please contact us.

Web Design by Otter PR

The Otter team develops custom websites that are mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and optimized for SEO that converts. From wireframes to the finalized design you’ll leave with a site that can draw attention and traffic.

Design & Development with otter PR

Beautifully customized web pages that attract large audiences that convert well, with extremely very low bounces.

  1. Fully Mobile-Responsive
  2. SEO Optimized
  3. Premium Plugins
  4. Premium Animations
  5. Custom Graphics

Site Maintenance by Otter PR

Four hours of maintenance on your site for you to use each month. Make sure your site’s vitals are in good shape and regularly update plugins for your website.

  1. Site Vitals Maintenance
  2. Plugin Updates
  3. Hotfixes and Changes
  4. Emergency Response
  5. Hosting & Database

Otter PR Reviews

I’ve worked with Otter Public Relations coming up in the month. I was unsure of what to expect when first joined. I can assure you that my team has was beyond my expectations. I’m always working under pressure with a lot of work to do. Having Otter as a part of my support team has been a great help. I’m thrilled to announce that Otter PR reviews is my PR company and is part of my Broken Girl Unchained Podcasting team. They get my vision and are able to carry out my mission to provide BGU with the voice that you and your team can help me. Thank you

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